What is an Electrical
Meter Box

An electrical meter box is an enclosure used to house electrical or gas meters in residential setups. They are often located outdoors for easy access by meter readers. Due to this, they are often built with weather-resistant features to prevent the meters from getting damaged by weather elements and other debris.

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4 Features of Our Electric and Gas Meter Boxes

Multiple Mounting Options


We manufacture both surface-mounting and recessed electric and gas meter box designs. We recommend the recessed meter boxes for minimalist installations where a protruding meter box would be an obstacle. An example of this would be an indoor meter installation. The surface-mounted alternatives are ideal for areas where space is not a challenge.

Durable Structures


E-abel electric meter boxes are made using high-quality stainless steel or powder-coated steel. Both of these materials create sturdy structures that are weather-resistant. You can, therefore, rely on our meter box enclosures to serve you for a long time.

Easily Customizable


Our electric meter box designs are simple but highly functional. However, they can easily be customized to accommodate unique needs such as extra space to house an additional meter or door locks for safety.

NEMA Standard Designs


NEMA recommends that enclosures housing electric equipment have specific IP ratings. Ingress protection ensures that the electric equipment remains safe even when the enclosure is exposed to weather elements and other debris.

Wide Range of Custom Electrical Meter
Box Enclosures

Enclosure Dimension

The dimensions of your electrical meter box determine how well the meter and its components will fit into the enclosure. It also determines how many meters you can have in one enclosure. We offer a standard meter box size that can be customized to fulfill the unique requirements of your installation.

Enclosure Function

Enclosure function refers to the specific roles played by an enclosure in a particular installation. In this instance, electrical meter box enclosures house electric meters and protect them against external factors that could damage them. To prevent this, our E-abel meter boxes are moisture-proof and resistant against impact and fire.

Enclosure Compatibility

An enclosure is said to be compatible when it creates a conducive environment for the components that it is housing. Our EMC enclosures are highly compatible because they provide optimal conditions for electric meters to function and keep them safe from damage-causing elements. We can also customize them with features that enhance their compatibility such as by adding materials to limit electromagnetic interference.

Enclosure Application

The structure and features of an enclosure determine how suitable it is for various applications. E-abel meter box enclosures are good options for the industrial sector. They are adaptable for housing different types of electric and gas meters. They can, nonetheless, be customized and applied in housing other electrical components if necessary.

Build Your Own Electric Meter Box

Rack Space

Rack space in an EMC enclosure would be ideal where there is more than one meter in one enclosure. Racks would keep the different meters separated and well arranged for easy management.


Spacious width measurements ensure that the electric meter and its components comfortably fit in the enclosure. We recommend providing us with measurements of your meter to ensure we manufacture your enclosures with a proper corresponding width.


Depth space in an electrical enclosure ensures that the meter and its components can be installed with ease and that the door can fully be shut to keep everything protected.


Colors can be used as a branding solution such that meter readers can notice meters from their company and know which ones to monitor. Colors can also be a decorative feature and we offer numerous options for you to choose from.

Door Designs

Door designs determine how accessible the components of your meters will be. You could opt for doors that open wide for easy access or doors with a viewing window to make meter readings quick and easy without anyone tampering with the meter.

Lockable Options

Lockable electrical meter boxes prevent meter tampering and can prevent accidents too due to unwarranted access by pets or children. We offer key locks but can incorporate any locking option you prefer.

Panel Choices

Panels keep the electrical components of the meter well-situated and protected against interference by various elements. Our EMC enclosure designs have a standard paneling design but this too is customizable.

Certification Ratings

Certification ratings indicate how much protection an electrical box enclosure can offer against weather elements, dust, and other debris. We adhere to NEMA standards which are some of the highest in the industry.

Your Professional Electric Meter Box Manufacturers
Provide Excellent Services

Build Custom Electric Meter Box Enclosure Design in a Few Days

Our enclosure design experts begin by assessing your project to identify its needs. We can then work with you to explore your customization options and proceed to create a design incorporating those features.

Quick Enclosure Modification

Our expertise in building enclosures and our cutting-edge machinery enable us to quickly modify the designs of your meter box enclosures to include any custom features that you may request.


We have a low MOQ to make it possible for more of our customers to access our meter box enclosures. It also makes us an ideal supplier to work with for both large and small projects.

Best-in-class Quality

The quality of our enclosures is a concerted effort. It begins with our choice of top-quality raw materials, to our streamlined production processes, as well as our adherence to NEMA standards. All our enclosures are also put through post-production quality testing.

Fast Turnaround

Working on a project with prohibitive deadlines? Worry not, we have vast manufacturing capabilities and will work to deliver all the meter box enclosures you need within your project timelines.

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