C-UL Enclosures

C-UL is reserved for equipment within the Canadian market as it has been tested based on the conditions set by Canadian government institutions, specified within the Canadian Electric Code. E-Abel is capable of manufacturing C-UL mark enclosures:

Compliance with Canadian standards

High-quality materials for indoor and outdoor environment. Silk-screening, anodizing, or engraving services available

Custom with cutouts, insulation, hinges, latches or locks

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Your c-UL Enclosure Manufacturers

E-abel c-UL enclosures are specifically made for the Canadian market. We manufacture and test them in accordance with the regulations set by the Canadian Electric Code.

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Custom c-UL Enclosures

We offer c-UL enclosure customization to ensure that the enclosures we deliver to you meet the needs of your application with precision. That said, all the customization options we offer are also performed in accordance with Canadian standards.


Our customization services include silk-screening, anodizing, and engraving. We also provide accessories such as cutouts, insulation, hinges, latches, and locks on request.

What Are c-UL Enclosures?

CUL certification is the Canadian version of America’s UL certification. Both UL and c-UL certification are based on the electric safety standards established by the independent body Underwriters Laboratories. However, c-UL standards are unique as they are adjusted to meet the requirements of the Canadian Electric Code.


C-UL enclosures are, therefore, enclosures manufactured and tested in accordance with Canadian UL(c-UL) standards.

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