What is a Solar Combiner Box

A solar combiner box is an electrical enclosure where multiple DC breakers are housed. Its primary purpose is to combine the DC inputs from the solar array and turn it into a single DC output. Doing this can improve the ease of installation and overall safety by allowing you to transition larger wires between the array and inverter to reduce transmission volt drop.

Solar combiner box

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Knowing the 4 Features of Our Solar Combiner Box

IP Rating


E-Abel’s solar combiner boxes are graded with IP ratings of IP65, IP66, and IP67. This means that our custom electrical enclosures are dustproof, waterproof, and can resist corrosion, among other harsh conditions, for an extended and uninterrupted use.

Over-current and Short-circuit Protection


Our solar combiner enclosures have a touch-safe fuse with an LED indicator light that extends over-current security for performance stability. Moreover, we have a series of circuit breakers providing safety and protection to prevent possible accidents and damages.

Gathering Solar String Current
and Effective Isolating


Our company offers multiple solar string input with a maximum of 30A per string. In addition, our series of isolators and switches have a maximum voltage of up to 1500V DC. This widely meets different demands from PV solar power systems.

Lightning and Temperature Protection


We have a surge protector device installed in our custom electrical boxes to provide lightning protection for your solar combiners. Furthermore, with our custom NEMA enclosures, the box is secured to have ideal internal heat control, which is useful to avoid overheating.

E-Abel’s Wide Array of Custom Solar Combiner Box

Enclosure Dimension

In custom manufacturing, one can attest that choosing custom made boxes is highly beneficial compared to the ready made standard enclosures. What we do differently here in E-Abel is we ensure that your output is reflected in the end product. In addition, we make sure that the dimensions of your custom electrical enclosures fit well with your equipment.

Enclosure Function

The function of our custom enclosure design satisfies our customers as we not only provide typical housing for the electrical equipment. We also offer special features like soundproofing, weatherproofing, thermal management, flame resistance and fire retardant, as well as a one-box-fits-all solution.

Enclosure Compatibility

We guarantee enclosure compatibility based on your critical application needs. For instance, we offer overcurrent and short-circuit protection, lightning protection, and effective isolation features for your custom box enclosure.

Also, for outdoor enclosures, we suggest an IP rating that provides waterproofing and weatherproofing. On the other hand, NEMA and IP ratings that simply provide dust proofing and waterproofing are suitable for indoor applications.

Enclosure Application

Our custom electrical enclosures are widely used in residential and commercial buildings, factory surroundings, shipping facilities, construction areas, warehouses, and processing plants. We can deliver and match your standards, whether you need custom electronic enclosures for indoor or outdoor applications.

Create Your Own Solar Combiner Box

Rack Space

Rack Space Essentially, you should know the suitable rack space for your equipment. You need to identify if you need to have a tight close space for the equipment or provide more space for optimal airway. Disregarding this factor can affect your equipment’s performance.


Providing the right width measurement can greatly benefit your system’s operation. This means you will not have an issue if the equipment and the custom electrical box eat too much horizontal space.


Indicating the correct depth measurement is also a must in the custom making of your enclosure design. It will defeat the essence of custom manufacturing if the machine to be housed does not fit well in the electrical box.


This is a fun selection because you get to choose the color coating for your custom electrical boxes. Whatever color you choose can interject an impression to your machine system and its application.

Door Designs

There are many ways to conceal and cover your electrical equipment. You can opt for a sliding door, two-way door opening, or one-way door protection with a mini fire fighter fire extinguisher to use in a fire emergency.

Lockable Options

E-Abel’s range of custom enclosures is supplied with locks and keys. You can opt for different locks, such as waterproof wire lock, turnbuckle chromed steel, and stainless steel.

Panel Choices

Choosing the ideal control panel for your custom made enclosure is essential because panel materials keep your enclosures cool and safe. Having the proper panel selection can inhibit fire explosions and water penetration.

Certification Ratings

Last but not least, you need to know the necessary NEMA or IP rating for your custom made enclosures. This is because it will set the standard or level of protection it can administer to your application.

Your Professional Solar Combiner Box Manufacturer
Brings Excellent Services

Build a custom solar combiner box design in just a few days.

Quick Enclosure Modification

All of our boxes are welding-free, structured, and ready to be customized based on your suitable requirements. Simply provide your preferred custom electronics box dimensions, and we will take care of the rest.


Our company offers low MOQ to our customers to support them with their projects and businesses. This means small businesses can easily acquire and save more from our custom made enclosures.

Best-in-class Quality

We use high-quality materials to fabricate our custom electrical enclosures. Aso, E-Abel makes sure that all of our solar combiner boxes are certified IP55, IP56, IP65, IP66, and IP67 rated enclosures.

Fast Turnaround

E-Abel offers 2 days of fast delivery for your custom electrical boxes. Once we receive your order notice, our team of assembly workers will carry out the given task right away. Therefore, you can expect quick delivery services.

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