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E-Abel stainless steel and plastic enclosures and products have a multitude of applications and are used in a wide variety of industries.

To help you find the right product for your industry we’ve put together some of the rare applications here to solve your problems. You’ll find specific enclosures and products according to their typical applications and uses in each industry.

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Games Room Equipment Enclosures

It’s easy to play games, but not that easy to make games equipment enclosures. Enclosures that used to box up the computer, screen or any kind of entertainment kits, should feature great capability in abrasion resistance and anti-impact.

Working with our entire product line and a variety of customized materials available, we have the resources and capabilities to provide a precise solution for most gaming enclosures. The extensive set of components including handles, panels, decor elements and locks ensure we’re able to design easy and safe access as needed.

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