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What is a Parallel Cabinet

A parallel cabinet is an Extra Large cabinet made of metal. This type of cabinet is often used to house systems such as integriti security controllers and modules or concept equipment. The standard parallel enclosure design is flexible and offers a large panel space that is fully usable. However, the configurations can be modified to make it suitable for various applications.

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4 Features of Our Panel Board Enclosures

Flexible Design


Our panel board enclosures have a very flexible design that can easily be customized with features such as removable front or back panels and racks. We also offer a variety of mounting options based on our clients’ preferences. They are, therefore, easily adaptable for a wide range of applications.

Window or Non-window Provisions


We offer XL enclosures with a viewing window for operations that require equipment monitoring. Our full-length viewing windows are made of polycarbonate material which is durable and clear enough for good visibility. Alternatively, we also offer Non-window XL enclosures that are fully metallic.

Functional Features


We design our XL enclosures with a variety of features that boost their functionality. Examples of such features include temperature-resistant materials for high heat generating applications, UV stabilized doors for outdoor-use XL enclosures, and latching systems for safety. These features can be modified depending on the requirements of your project.

High-Standard Finishes


We manufacture both welding-free and continuously welded XL enclosures. They are carefully streamlined during production such that they fit seamlessly during assembly. For continuously welded enclosures, we grind the edges down to create a smooth finish and their hinges are also concealed.

Wide Range of Custom NEMA Panel
Board Enclosures

Enclosure Dimension

The dimensions of your XL enclosures should be sufficient to accommodate the equipment they will be housing. While we offer standard sizes of XL enclosures, we also understand that each project is unique. As such, we can customize your enclosure dimensions to match the size of your modules or concept controllers.

Enclosure Function

XL enclosures can be designed with specific features that facilitate the optimal functioning of the modular equipment that they house. Such features can include modular panels, viewing windows, or even vents. This design is important for data centers. We can customize your enclosures with such features or evaluate your project and recommend suitable solutions if you are not certain which features to include.

Enclosure Compatibility

XL enclosures have a general design that is not tied to any specific application. It is thus essential that the design of your enclosures is customized to make them compatible with the equipment and their functions in your project. For this, we offer customization options such as a weatherproof enclosure structure, removable doors or panels, among others.

Enclosure Application

From security integriti systems to concept controllers and modules, XL enclosures are applicable in numerous sectors. Further, some applications require indoor installation while others are installed outdoors. Consequently, depending on your project, we can customize your XL enclosures with various NEMA protection ratings, temperature-resistant materials, and other features that can make them better suited to your application, especially for engineering use.

Build Your Own XL Enclosures

Rack Space

Adequate racks and rack space ensure that the components of your concept equipment or modules can be organized properly in the XL enclosure. You can request a custom number of racks with specific spacing to match the structure of your equipment.


The width of your XL enclosure should be broad enough for your equipment to be installed and fit in the enclosure with ease. We can customize the width based on the measurements you provide us with.


Sufficient depth space in XL enclosures ensures that the equipment fits properly and that other components such as electrical wiring can be properly placed. We can evaluate your equipment and suggest suitable depth measurements.


Colors can be used to enhance the appearance of your XL enclosures or differentiate one set from another. We can manufacture them for you in any color you prefer.

Door Designs

XL enclosures can have modular doors that are removable, weatherproof doors, doors with viewing windows, among other options. We can include any of these options depending on your requirements.

Lockable Options

Different types of locks can be included on XL enclosures to keep the equipment safe or limit access to only authorized personnel. The lock options can include keys, key cards, or passcodes.

Panel Choices

Numerous front and back panels can be included in your XL enclosure design. They facilitate the routing of electrical components in the enclosure and can either be permanent or removable.

Certification Ratings

E-abel XL enclosures are made in adherence to NEMA standards. They include a variety of ingress protection provisions that are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

Your Professional XL Enclosure Manufacturer
Provides Excellent Services

Build Custom XL Enclosure Manufacturer Design in a Few Days

Once you present the requirements of your project to us, our team can work with you to come up with a custom XL enclosure design in durations as short as 2 days.

Quick Enclosure Modification

Our team has vast experience in panel board enclosure manufacturing and is equipped with top-of-the-range machinery. This enables us to execute modification requests fast while maintaining our high production standards.


We are committed to keeping our enclosures accessible to as many of our customers as possible. Subsequently, we have set a low MOQ that is friendly to small-scale buyers.

Best-in-class Quality

We use top-quality materials, innovative designs, and technology-driven production techniques to ensure that the enclosures we offer our clients are reliable solutions for their projects.

Fast Turnaround

Time is a priceless resource in business. We have invested in adequate production tools and manpower so that we are able to process every order of XL enclosures quickly while maintaining our high-quality standards.

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