What are Disconnect Enclosures

Disconnect enclosures are used to offer protection to electrical components. These enclosures allow the addition of a flange-mounted disconnect handle. The disconnects can be used on wall-mount, floor mount, or free-standing enclosures, which are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. This makes the choices of disconnect enclosures quite vast to cater to the specific needs you have with your electrical equipment.

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4 Features of Our Disconnect Enclosures

At Eabel, we feature NEMA 12 disconnect enclosures that you can rely on to offer the perfect protection for your electronics. We work to produce quality disconnect enclosures for all our customers to enhance their performance. Our disconnect enclosures come with specific features including:



We produce disconnect enclosures that are designed to feature the best quality from the materials we use to the processes we feature. This allows us to continue offering enclosures that are of the highest quality and are durable. We also feature the use of top-quality disconnect enclosure accessories designed to lend to the performance of your enclosures.

Easy Installation


Our disconnect enclosures are designed to feature enhanced and greatly simplified hardware installation options. This makes it easier for you to install the enclosures and start working with them. We do this by offering easy-to-follow installation instructions that you can implement and enjoy the use of your enclosures.

Unique Designs


When it comes to the disconnect enclosures we manufacture, we ensure to use unique designs that come in handy. This is especially the case when it comes to our door designs. We ensure to feature designs that contribute to the overall performance and enhance the use of the enclosures.



We feature disconnect enclosures that are quite flexible and designed to cater to your needs You have the option of working with expandable or modular enclosures. These options are fitted with all the necessary standard accessories and are designed to be the perfect choice for your electrical equipment.

Wide Range of Custom Electrical Enclosures
with Disconnect

Enclosure Dimension

We offer customizations options for your enclosure dimensions to cater to the size of your electrical equipment. This ensures that your disconnect enclosures are designed to cater to your specific needs. If you have any dimension specifications, we are here to help you cater to them.

Enclosure Function

Enclosures are used to offer added protection to electrical equipment and controls. This function features specific build aspects and requirements that need to be met. If you have any other function you'd like to cater to, we'll help you achieve the exact build.

Enclosure Compatibility

Customizing the compatibility of your disconnect enclosures allows you to invest in options that come with features you are willing to work with. This also caters to the electronics you decide to have in your enclosure. You need to ensure that they are compatible and will offer the desired performance with ease.

Enclosure Application

The application of your enclosures will vary depending on your specific goals and what you intend to achieve. With this in mind, you can easily customize the enclosures to fit your desired applications. We’ll help ensure that we get your specifications right and offer the perfect enclosure option.

Build Your Own Disconnect Enclosures

Rack Space

Rack space is used in your enclosures to offer a quality area where your electronics can easily be kept. We are here to help you customize your rack space to ensure that it caters to your specific needs.


The width of your enclosures determines the space that is required for your electronics to fit with ease. You can customize the widths of your enclosures to ensure that your electrical equipment is well situated.


The depth of your enclosures is an important aspect to consider since it determines how well your equipment will be kept. You need to aim for sufficient depths that will allow for free-flowing air and easier cabling access.


Enclosures are designed to come in different colors and can be customized depending on your specific needs. At Eabel, we work to offer the perfect enclosures with the exact colors you desire.

Door Designs

Different door designs facilitate easier access to your electrical equipment. Paying attention to these door designs allows you to invest in an enclosure that will work best for you.

Lockable Options

For enhanced protection, investing in lockable disconnect enclosures is a great idea. There are different locking mechanisms available for you to consider working with. You could invest in enclosures that lock using a padlock or combination keys among others.

Panel Choices

Panels are the parts of the enclosure where your electrical systems will be housed. These panels should be designed to ensure that they can easily fit the controls you intend to be working with. We will work to ensure that we offer the perfect solutions for your specific enclosures.

Certification Ratings

We feature enclosures that come with certification ratings such as NEMA. These ratings are designed to offer assurance that the enclosures are of the required standards. This makes it easier to use these enclosures in different industries.

Your Professional Disconnect Enclosure Manufacturer
Brings Excellent Services

Build Your Custom Disconnect Enclosure Designs in a Few Days

You can build your custom designs from the material used to the door designs. There are a lot of customization options for you to work with. We are here to help you cater to your needs and ensure that you invest in the right options.

Quick Enclosure Modification

We offer quick modifications on the enclosures we feature in stock to give you better options that fit your exact needs. This allows you to invest in an enclosure that will work for you and offer incredible service.


At Eabel, we strive to work with all our clients to ensure that they get the enclosures they need for their business. To help us do this, we feature a low MOQ that all brands can take advantage of and still get to work with us.

Best-in-class Quality

Our enclosure qualities are unmatched and designed to be the perfect choice for different industries. We feature the use of quality materials alongside established manufacturing systems to help us cater to your needs.

Fast Turnaround

Our production systems are designed to offer fast turnaround times to cater to the needs of all our clients. You can trust that with our company, your disconnect enclosures will be produced and delivered on time.

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