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Server Rack Cabinets

High-density server and networking applications demand a rack infrastructure that can mount a mix of different equipment and support high-capacity cable management in an efficient, flexible design.

Explore E-Abel open and enclosed server rack and network rack solutions for a variety of environments including data centers, server rooms, network closets, offices, industrial, and specialty applications.

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Benefits of Our Server Rack Cabinets



They keep all your IT equipment neatly arranged in one place. This organization makes it easier to manage and maintain the hardware. Identifying and troubleshooting issues becomes more straightforward with everything in a designated spot.

Space Efficiency


Server racks allow you to stack equipment vertically, saving valuable floor space. This is particularly important in data centers and server rooms where space can be at a premium. By optimizing vertical space, you can fit more equipment in a smaller area.

Cooling and Ventilation


Proper airflow is essential to prevent overheating and ensure the smooth operation of your equipment. Server rack cabinets are designed to facilitate airflow with features like perforated doors and built-in fans. This helps maintain optimal temperatures and prolongs the lifespan of your devices.



Protecting sensitive IT equipment from physical damage and unauthorized access is critical. Server rack cabinets often come with lockable doors and panels, ensuring only authorized personnel can access the hardware. This physical security is a vital component in protecting your IT infrastructure.

Cable Management


Managing the numerous cables in a server environment can be challenging. Server racks come with cable management systems that help keep cables organized and out of the way. This improves the aesthetics, reduces the risk of cable damage, and simplifies maintenance tasks.



As your business grows, so does your IT infrastructure. Server rack cabinets are designed to be scalable, allowing you to add more equipment without needing a complete overhaul. This flexibility is crucial for businesses looking to expand their operations.

Types of Server Rack Cabinets

Choosing the right server rack cabinet is crucial for your IT infrastructure. Various server rack cabinets are designed for specific needs and environments. Let’s explore the main types: Open Frame Racks, Enclosed Racks, and Wall-Mounted Racks.

Open Frame Racks

Open-frame racks lack side panels and doors. This design maximizes airflow and makes the equipment easily accessible. They are simple, sturdy frameworks that hold your IT hardware without enclosing it.

Empty black open frame rack on wheels

Features and Benefits

  • Easy Access: The open design provides unrestricted access to your equipment from all sides. This makes installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting straightforward.
  • Improved Airflow: Without enclosed sides, open frame racks offer superior ventilation. This helps keep your equipment cool and prevents overheating.
  • Cost-Effective: These racks are generally less expensive than enclosed racks, making them a budget-friendly option.
  • Flexibility: They can easily accommodate various types of equipment and configurations.

Enclosed Racks Cabinets

Enclosed racks with doors and side panels offer more protection for the equipment inside. These cabinets often come with locking mechanisms to enhance security.

Two tall, empty server rack cabinets, grey and black

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Security: Lockable doors and panels protect your equipment from unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Dust Protection: The enclosed design keeps dust and debris out, helping to maintain a clean environment for your hardware.
  • Improved Aesthetics: Enclosed racks provide a cleaner, more professional look, especially in visible areas.
  • Controlled Environment: They often come with built-in cooling and ventilation systems to manage the temperature inside the cabinet.

Wall-Mounted Racks Cabinets

Wall-mounted racks are compact and designed to be mounted on walls, saving floor space.

Two wall mounted rack cabinets, grey and black

Features and Benefits

  • Space-Saving: These racks are perfect for areas with limited floor space. By mounting on the wall, they free up valuable floor area.
  • Accessibility: They provide easy access to equipment, making them ideal for small installations.
  • Cost-Effective: Generally less expensive than full-sized floor racks, they offer a budget-friendly solution for small setups.
  • Versatility: Suitable for lightweight equipment and can be placed in various locations, including offices and small server rooms.

Choosing the Right Server Rack Cabinet

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Assess Your Needs

Evaluate Current and Future Equipment: List all devices you plan to install (servers, switches, storage units) and anticipate future growth. Plan for Expansion: Ensure the rack can accommodate additional equipment as your needs evolve.

Space and Dimensions

Measure Installation Space: Determine the height, width, and depth of the area for proper clearance and airflow. Select Appropriate Size: Choose a rack height in rack units (e.g., 42U, 45U, 48U) that fits your equipment and allows room for growth. Ensure depth accommodates device length and cable management.

Ensure Weight Capacity and Stability

Check Static and Dynamic Weight: Verify the rack can support the total weight of your equipment when stationary and moving. Consult manufacturer specifications. Anchor and Stabilize: Choose a sturdy frame and consider additional stabilizing accessories. Ensure the rack is anchored to prevent tipping.

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Address Cooling, Accessibility, and Compliance

Evaluate Cooling Needs: Choose racks with good ventilation features (perforated doors, built-in fans) based on equipment heat generation. Plan for Maintenance and Cable Management and Ensure Compliance with Standards

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