Flexible, Practical, Remarkable. We Make Enclosure to Tomorrow

Flexible component height: Patented mounting brackets make unified component height anytime.

Welding-free design: Only screws will do, no more welding to set up your boxes.

Fit all components: Flexible brackets to hold all-sizes components. Make your box reusable.

At E-Abel, we’re committed to empowering your enclosures. As Flexible, Practical, Remarkable box is the next.

From our enclosures to our team to our factories, you’ll find we go to great lengths to solve your enclosure challenges, never settling for the status quo. That’s how we passionately pursue our clients for life.

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General in Assembly, General in Use

Improve your efficiency with the original general distribution boxes. This welding-free box allows you to reduce your assembly time through flexible mounting brackets and side racks, while also improving safety and minimize replacement rate.

When every second counts in your projects, the general distribution box delivers high efficiency to help you save time-labor and more.

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Enclosures For Every Challenge

We pride ourselves in helping you overcome any enclosure obstacle, and that starts with a wide range of E-Abel general & customized boxes designed to meet the specific needs of your projects and every industries.

Made-to-measure industrial and IT solutions for your company, regardless of the sector you operate in.

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Electrical Enclosure Assembly

The electrical box assembly is the next stage after enclosure customization; it is suitable for any application and available with our general boxes series.

With this service, we also offer component sourcing, utilizing our purchasing power to attain the relevant components at low prices. The enclosures can then be built to your exact specification, whether high, medium or low volume.

Complex made simple. Meet the patented highlights of E-Abel distribution boxes that refresh your mind.

E-Abel’s new distribution box allows you to maximize the use of a metal box with just two patented designs. Together, E-Abel team is your partner for energy and power engineering.

What’s New

The hanging arm structure means one end of the beam is a fixed support that does not produce axial or vertical displacement and rotation...
The distribution box should not be installed in a humid, steam, or corrosive place. It is generally installed behind the door or at a place where it is easy to open and close the upper part of the shoe cabinet by the door.
We often see some construction distribution boxes on many sites, enclosed in striking colors. What is a distribution box? What is the usage of the box? Let’s take a look today.

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