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Industrial Enclosures

An Industrial Electrical Enclosure is used to contain electrical equipment. These enclosures are used to mount devices and components including switches, knobs, displays, wiring and more.

The enclosures protect equipment from the environment while protecting personnel from electrical shock. Electrical enclosure options vary greatly to suit every need, ranging from polymer to metal and wall-mounted to free-standing.

Industrial Enclosures

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Why Choose Our Industrial Enclosures?

Industrial enclosures are essential components in various industries. They protect electronic and electrical equipment from environmental factors such as dust, water, and corrosion. These enclosures ensure the safety and longevity of the equipment, making them crucial for operational efficiency and reliability.



  • High-Quality Materials: Our enclosures are made from top-notch materials such as ABS, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. These materials ensure the enclosures are robust and can handle the most demanding industrial environments.
  • Long-Lasting: Designed to last, these enclosures can withstand wear and tear, ensuring your equipment remains protected for years.

Waterproof and Dustproof


  • IP66 Rating: Our enclosures have an IP66 rating, providing excellent protection against water and dust. This makes them perfect for environments where exposure to these elements is a concern.
  • Sealed Protection: The enclosures are sealed to prevent dust and water ingress, ensuring that your electrical components remain safe and operational.



  • Wide Range of Applications: These enclosures suit various applications, including electrical control panels, electronic equipment, and industrial control systems.
  • Adaptable: Whether you are in telecommunications, automation, renewable energy, or industrial machinery, these enclosures will meet your needs.

Easy Installation


  • Quick Setup: Our enclosures are designed for straightforward installation. This means you can get your systems up and running quickly, saving you valuable time.
  • User-Friendly Design: The design is intuitive, allowing for hassle-free installation and maintenance, so you can focus on your core operations without worrying about the setup process.

Wide Range of Custom Wall Mount Enclosures

Enclosure Dimension

Tailored Sizing: Our enclosures can be custom-made to fit the exact size of your equipment. This ensures that all components are securely housed, preventing unnecessary movement or damage.
Space Optimization: Whether you need compact enclosures for limited spaces or larger enclosures for substantial equipment, our custom dimensions help maximize space efficiency.
Scalability: We provide scalable solutions that accommodate growing needs, ensuring that your enclosures can be easily modified or expanded as your operations evolve.

Enclosure Function

Protection: Our enclosures are designed to offer protection against environmental hazards such as dust, moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. This ensures that your equipment remains operational and safe under various conditions.
Accessibility: Custom enclosures can include features like hinged doors, removable panels, and secure locking systems, allowing for easy access and maintenance.
Cooling and Ventilation: We offer options for integrated cooling and ventilation systems to prevent overheating, ensuring that your equipment runs efficiently and reliably.

Enclosure Compatibility

Electrical Integration: Our custom enclosures are designed to accommodate various electrical configurations, including power distribution units, circuit breakers, and wiring.
Component Fitting: We ensure that all components, such as control panels, sensors, and other electronic devices, fit perfectly within the enclosure, reducing the risk of damage or malfunction.
Industry Standards: Eabel's enclosures are built to meet industry standards like NEMA and IP ratings, ensuring compatibility with regulatory requirements and providing peace of mind.

Enclosure Application

Our enclosures' applications will vary based on your specific goals and requirements. With this in mind, you can easily customize them to suit your intended purposes. We'll ensure we accurately capture your specifications and provide the ideal enclosure solution.

Types of Industrial Enclosures

Wall-Mount Enclosures

Wall-mount enclosures are designed to be installed on walls, making them an excellent choice for industrial settings with limited floor space. These enclosures provide easy access to the equipment inside, facilitating maintenance and inspection while keeping the equipment off the ground. 

Floor-Standing Enclosures

Floor-standing enclosures are more extensive and designed to house substantial equipment, making them suitable for large-scale applications that require significant space and robust construction. These enclosures are ideal for housing large control panels, power distribution systems, telecommunications equipment, and other substantial systems. 


Applications of Industrial Enclosures


Telecommunications equipment is susceptible and requires reliable protection to ensure consistent performance. Industrial enclosures secure servers, routers, switches, and other communication devices from environmental factors such as dust, humidity, and electromagnetic interference. Our enclosures help maintain the integrity and performance of telecommunication networks, which are essential for business operations, emergency services, and everyday communications. Adequately protected equipment ensures that telecommunication providers can deliver uninterrupted customer services.

Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy systems, such as solar panels and wind turbines, require protection from the elements. Our enclosures are perfect for these setups, offering robust protection against dust, water, and temperature extremes. Using our enclosures in renewable energy systems supports your operations’ sustainability by ensuring your equipment’s long-term viability.


In the manufacturing industry, industrial enclosures are vital for safeguarding control systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), and other critical machinery. Our enclosures protect sensitive equipment from dust, moisture, and mechanical damage, ensuring uninterrupted production processes. By keeping control systems secure and operational, manufacturers can maintain high efficiency and reduce the risk of costly downtime.

Medical Devices

In the medical field, equipment safety and functionality are non-negotiable. Our enclosures are designed to protect critical medical devices from contamination, impact, and environmental factors. This helps ensure that the devices remain operational and accurate, which is vital for patient care and the overall healthcare infrastructure.

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