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What is GGD Type

GGD type is used in the distribution of low voltage power in different power plants, mining enterprises, and transformer substations. These low voltage power distribution boxes are designed to offer incredible service and ensure that your electrical needs are met. They come in handy when it comes to controlling motor starting, power, and lighting. This makes them a great investment to ensure that your voltage distribution is on point.

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4 Features of Our GGD Type

Eabel is one of the leading GGD type manufacturers and we work to always ensure that we offer the best products to meet your needs. We do this by featuring incredible features that you can always rely on. Our features include.

Dynamic Thermal Stability


Our GGD types are designed to feature dynamic thermal stability that allows them to offer incredible distribution of low voltage power. We ensure to manufacture quality options that you can rely on. This allows us to cater to your specific needs at all times.

Electrical Flexibility


We offer electrical flexibility to allow for large breaking capacity that power plants can rely on and work with. You can trust that our GGD type productions will cater to your needs and give you the flexibility required in the distribution of your power.

Practical Structure


We feature GGD types that are designed to feature a practical structure that allows them to work incredibly well. This positions our productions among the best in the market allowing our customers to enjoy our services.



We feature the use of quality stainless steel and other incredibly strong materials that cater to the durability of our productions. We also feature weatherproof options on all our GGD types to ensure that you can easily use them outdoors.

Wide Range of GGD Type

Enclosure Dimension

The dimensions featured on our enclosures are designed to determine the kind of space you’ll be working with. You’ll have a better experience when you ensure that the dimensions featured on your enclosures can accommodate the controls you’ll be using. This ensures that you invest in the right enclosure to meet your needs.

Enclosure Function

Enclosures are used to cater to different functions which is why you should ensure that you have your needs in mind. For instance, our GGD types come in handy as low voltage distribution boxes while other enclosures offer added protection to your equipment. We’ll help you determine the perfect enclosure for your needs.

Enclosure Compatibility

The compatibility of your enclosures and controls should be a priority to ensure they work together in great harmony. You’ll get to enjoy the use of your enclosures when you get this right. We are here to help ensure that you get your compatibility right and invest in the right enclosure.

Enclosure Application

When it comes to enclosure applications, you need to understand that some of them can be used for a variety of reasons. Keeping this in mind, we’ll help you ensure that you invest in an enclosure that will meet your needs.

Build Your Own GGD Type

Rack Space

Rack space is featured in your enclosures to ensure that your controls have space to ensure that they can perform accurately. You have different options and customize this to fit your specific controls. We’ll work to ensure that we customize the right rack space to meet your needs.


The width of your enclosures comes in handy to ensure that your rack spaces are spaced out well and that the enclosure fits in its designated area. We’ll help you customize your widths to ensure your controls have ample space as required.


Enclosures are required to feature enough depth to ensure that the controls work well and get enough airflow. Eabel offers customization options to ensure that you get to work with the right depths for your controls.


Enclosures are designed to come in different colors depending on your desired specifications. We are here to help you and advise on the best color that would work well for your GGD type enclosures.

Door Designs

Doors are essential to make it easier for you to access your controls and work on cabling. You have different door designs to consider including double doors and single doors. We’ll help you customize the perfect door design that meets your exact needs.

Lockable Options

Locking comes in handy when you want to keep your controls safe and avoid tampering. We offer different locking options that we can custom make and include in your enclosures. If you have any specific ideas, we are here to ensure we cater to them.

Panel Choices

Panels are designed to contribute to your enclosure’s layout and can be customized to ensure your controls are well situated. If you have any specific requirements for your panels, we are here to ensure that we deliver on your expectations.

Certification Ratings

All our enclosures are designed to feature certifications ratings like NEMA and IP standards to ensure that they are suitable for use. We’ll customize your enclosure productions to ensure that we feature the exact ratings required in your industry.

Your Professional GGD Type Brings Excellent Services

Build Your Custom GGD Type Designs in a Few Days

We offer the option of customizing your GGD type enclosures to your specific design. We work closely with you to ensure that we cater to your needs and deliver the exact design. Our team ensures that all custom designs are delivered in a few days for optimal customer satisfaction.

Quick Enclosure Modification

Our in-stock GGD type enclosures can easily be modified to feature your desired specifications. If you have any tweaks you’d like to add or omit, we are here to ensure that the process is done with haste to give you the best experience.


At Eabel, we feature a low minimum order quantity on all our enclosure options to give our customers the best flexibility. This allows us to continue offering the best with incredible prices that you can comfortably work with.

Best-in-class Quality

Our GGD type enclosures are designed to feature top-quality from the materials used to the workmanship featured in their productions. We strive to always ensure that all our enclosure designs feature the best quality to meet your needs.

Fast Turnaround

We work with qualified manufacturing systems that allow us to offer a fast turnaround on all the productions we work on. You can trust that your orders will get to you on time and as agreed upon.

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