What is a GCK Type Enclosure

A GCK type enclosure is a cabinet designed to house low-voltage AC power distribution systems. Compared to other enclosures, the GCK type is more advanced in terms of design as it has extra features to make it compatible with its functions. Such features include a high breaking capacity and thermal stability. It can tolerate a frequency of 50 HZ and a rated working voltage of 380V for a 3 phase switchgear system.

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4 Features of Our AC Power Distribution Boxes

Space-Saving Design


We offer compact AC distribution box designs that can accommodate many circuits in one unit. This means that you can use fewer boxes which subsequently reduces the amount of space required for their installation.

Heat Dissipation Features


As the electrical components in the AC box work to distribute power, they generate heat. It is important to dissipate that heat to prevent the equipment from overheating and malfunctioning. We include heat sinks and vents in our designs to ensure that there is sufficient heat dissipation.

Solid Durable Structure


E-abel GCK type enclosures are made of high-quality steel. They have a stable structure that can comfortably bear the weight of the electrical components installed inside them. The steel body of the enclosure is also impact resistant and remains stable even in challenging thermal conditions.

Convenient Configuration Options


Our AC boxes can be configured in different ways to make them more accessible to staff for maintenance. We can customize the placement of the controls to keep them reachable or modify other design factors such as the height of the cabinets.

Wide Range of Custom AC Distribution
Box Options

Enclosure Dimension

The dimensions of your GCK type enclosures determine how many circuits you can house inside them. The more the circuits, the larger the enclosure size you would need. We offer GCK type enclosures with custom dimensions based on the size of your facility and the number of electrical circuits you would like to enclose.

Enclosure Function

AC boxes require unique features to facilitate their functions. Such features include heat sinks, vents, and special door designs to house circuit control switches and indicators. The placement and size of these features can, however, be based on the requirements of the installation. Our team can evaluate your project brief and recommend suitable features that can optimize the functioning of your AC boxes.

Enclosure Compatibility

An enclosure is considered compatible if its design features are conducive for the components it houses. The structures of our AC distribution boxes are optimized to tolerate specific frequencies, voltages, and currents based on the demands of the installation. They are, therefore, fully compatible.

Enclosure Application

The design of an enclosure determines what functions it can be applied in. E-abel GCK enclosures are suitable for application in power substations, industrial facilities, high-rise building power distribution, and control centers, among other similar functions. They can be customized based on the size and technical requirements of each application.

Build Your Own GCK Enclosure

Rack Space

The rack spaces in GCK enclosures help to separate different circuits for easy management. They also make it possible to install multiple circuits in one cabinet. However, it is essential to customize the spaces to ensure each circuit has enough room.


The width of your AC distribution box determines how many circuits it can accommodate. It is advisable to establish how many circuits you need to house and their width. We can then design your enclosures with adequate widths.


Sufficient depth space makes it possible to properly fit electrical components in an AC distribution box. Additionally, it promotes proper airflow which is essential for heat dissipation. This is a feature that we customize to specifically match your installation.


Do you have a specific color preference for your company? Or perhaps you would like different AC distribution boxes to have distinct colors for easy identification? We can manufacture your enclosures in any color that you prefer.

Door Designs

GCK enclosures have unique doors that display circuit control mechanisms. We offer a variety of door designs that provide this feature in different styles.

Lockable Options

For safety, it is often essential that access to electric distribution systems and stations is limited to trained and authorized personnel. As such, we offer numerous lock options including key systems and digital passcode mechanisms.

Panel Choices

Panels facilitate the installation of electrical circuits in distribution boxes. We offer fixed and removable modular panels choices based on customer preferences and the nature of your project.

Certification Ratings

We adhere to NEMA standards for enclosures housing electrical equipment. Our team can advise you on the recommended ratings for your type of installation.

Your Professional Power Distribution
Box Manufacturers

Build Custom AC Distribution Box Design in a Few Days

Our team is highly skilled in designing low-voltage distribution boxes. When you provide us with your requirements, we will present to you a design with recommended custom features within as little as 2 business days.

Quick Enclosure Modification

The E-abel factory facility has multiple production lines that are fully fitted with ultra-modern machinery. This enables us to handle any modification requests fast and with precise execution.


We understand that every project and customer is unique. Consequently, we have set a low MOQ to keep our products accessible to both bulk and small order customers.

Best-in-class Quality

We maintain high production standards and use the best quality of materials for all our enclosures. They are further tested and inspected after production to ensure they meet our quality and industry certification standards.

Fast Turnaround

When you entrust us with delivering low-voltage distribution boxes for your project, we work within the agreed timelines and spare no resource in ensuring that everything is delivered on schedule.

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