• General Boxes

      General Boxes

      In-stock distribution boxes, general in sizes, flexible in use, eligible to protection categories.

      customized box

      Customized Boxes

      Made-to-measure distribution boxes in a variety of materials, types and ratings.

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      Mounting plates, locks, racks, cables, brackets…everything to empower your enclosure system.

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Retrofitting Distribution Boxes

E-Abel’s broad range of multitasking distribution boxes offer a variety of sizes, cutouts and optional features – all in one general design. This variety allows any engineering project to create solutions capable of meeting any field need.

In fact, many parts can be replaced or adjusted on a single box. E-Abel’s distribution box design enables electrical and electronic controls, instruments, and components in areas, without extra cost of customization.

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No More Welding Hassle

The use of our patented flexible mounting bracket instead of welded seat plate of components, brings with it significant savings in human welding work.

Apart from the mounting bracket, special side racks are designed to suit all protective covers with different cutouts. Now your project could claim the flexibility no matter how components changed or cutouts renewed.

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Flexibility From Adjustability

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Mounting Brackets

Self-invented L shape metal brackets, made by stainless steel and galvanized. Each fixed with screws to create expected height.

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Side Racks

Side racks provide quick installation support to front plate with screws only, no welding required.

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Tested and Reviewed

Our general enclosure boxes are designed to protect sensitive equipment in harsh environments, meeting and NEMA and IP ratings. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and cutouts, it’s easy to find the perfect solution for every electrical application.

An Alternative to Average & Expensive Boxes

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Common Distribution Box

E-Abel General Box

Customized Distribution Box

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