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2 Types Of Electrical Meter Boxes



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What is an electric meter box? This is equipment that is mainly used to measure and record the volume of electricity that is used in a certain period of time. It is made of Glass Reinforcement Plastic (GRP). This kind of material is advantageous because of its durability and its ability to resist harsh weather conditions and fire.

Meter boxes hold a number of electrical components like the main switch, meter fuses, and even circuit breakers. Electrical meter boxes suit a wide range of installations like in the charging stations and telecommunications. Electrical meter boxes should always be placed where they can easily be accessed, especially on the external sidewalls. Here is an overview of the types of electrical meter boxes you can go for.

1. Single Phase Electrical Meter Boxes

single phase meter
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Single-phase electrical meter boxes are used to keep single-phase electricity meters. That means they can only accommodate one bottom connected energy meter and 1ph +N or 2ph circuit breaker. These types of boxes are made of polycarbonate material with perfect electrical insulation.

Advantages Of Single-Phase Electrical Meter Boxes

1. The polycarbonate material that is used to make them is fireproof. This will help in the incidence of fire.

2. They are resistant to harsh weather conditions like the wind, very hot sun, and rain.

3.They are waterproof, therefore they prevent electrical shock to anyone who comes in contact with the meter.

4. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays. They cannot be damaged after being exposed to the sun for long.

5. They are light in weight hence easy to carry around and also make it simple to install and remove.

6. They are shockproof. Any individual who wants to read the meter cannot be shocked by electricity.

This type of electrical meter box is suitable for places where you would like to meter personal circuits accurately. They may be circuits of an electrical system of hot showers, a small retail shop, small spaces for tenants, accommodation hotel rooms, and electrical cars. 

This meter box has double windows that are transparent, one reads the meter while the other is for circuit breaking. The windows can be sealed. It is very simple to install this kind of meter box. Its meter screen will display the total usage in kWh. The meter should have these specifications:

The installation note should be filled in by an electrician.

Ideal Applications

Single Phase Electrical Meter Boxes are versatile, finding their ideal applications in various settings:

  • Small Retail Shops: They are perfect for small businesses where space is at a premium. Their compact size and efficient design make them ideal for managing electrical metering in these environments.
  • Hotel Rooms: In hospitality settings, these meter boxes offer a discreet and safe way to manage electricity consumption in individual rooms.
  • Electric Car Charging Stations: As the world moves towards electric vehicles, these meter boxes are increasingly used in charging stations. Their durability and weather resistance make them suitable for outdoor environments, where they can reliably serve the growing need for electric car charging.

2. Three Phase Electrical Meter Boxes

three phase meter
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This type of meter box accommodates three-phase meters. It is made of Glass Reinforced Polymer. Three-phase electrical boxes are best for commercial needs, in large farms, and in operating big types of machinery. They are also suitable when monitoring specific equipment in business premises or homes, for example, refrigerator or air conditioner.

Three-phase meter boxes come in two types; surface mounted electrical meter boxes and large three-phase recessed meter boxes.

  • The surface-mounted electrical meter boxes can be installed on the walls directly. 

They have a dimension of 794mm length, 565mm width, and 190mm height. They are suitable for all meters whether prepaid or smart. They come with multiple cable knockout positions.

  • The large three-phase recessed meter.

These types of boxes are also made of Glass Reinforced Polymer. They are installed during construction and not just on the surface. They have dimensions of 794mm length, 565 mm width, and 180mm depth. They also come with multiple cable knockout positions.

Advantages Of Three-Phase Meter Boxes

1. They are ideal where a lot of electrical energy is needed
2. They are resistant to water, this protects anyone who would want to read the meter box from electrical shocks.

3. They protect the meter from dust and other damages like being hit with objects like stones

4. They are rust-proof. The material used to make the boxes cannot rust.

5. They are durable and strong.

6. They are easy to clean. You can easily use a brush to dust them off or a piece of dry cloth to wipe them.

7. They are weather-resistant. This will help the boxes from rusting.

8. They can be painted. This always makes them look good and clean.

9. They have a security lock system and features that make them safer and private.

10. They are simple to install, can be fixed on the exterior or interior wall or even on pedestals

Suitable Environments

Three-phase electrical meter boxes are essential in complex and high-demand electrical systems and are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings.

  • Commercial Areas: Ideal for businesses that require a reliable and robust electrical system to handle high power demands, such as shopping centers or large offices.
  • Large Farms: In agricultural settings, these meter boxes can manage the high energy needs of farm machinery and equipment.
  • Machinery Operations: These boxes provide the necessary capacity and durability for industrial sites with heavy machinery to ensure uninterrupted operations.

How To Install A Three-Phase Meter Box

Whether you’re installing a Single Phase or a Three Phase Electrical Meter Box, it’s crucial to follow the correct procedures for safety. If you’re unfamiliar with electrical installations, it’s best to hire a professional electrician to avoid potential risks.

Installation Considerations for Electrical Meter Boxes

Proper installation of electrical meter boxes, whether Single-phase or Three-phase, is crucial for ensuring their optimal performance and safety. Here are key considerations and guidelines for the installation process.

Pre-Installation Planning

Site Assessment: Before installation, assess the site to determine the best location for the meter box. Consider factors like ease of access for meter reading and maintenance, protection from environmental elements, and proximity to the main electrical supply.

Compliance with Regulations: Ensure the installation complies with local building codes and electrical regulations. This includes adherence to safety standards and clearance requirements.

Preparation of Tools and Materials: Gather all necessary tools and materials required for the installation, including mounting hardware, drills, sealants, and appropriate personal protective equipment.

Professional Installation

Hiring a Qualified Electrician: It’s imperative to engage a licensed electrician to install electrical meter boxes. A professional electrician will have the expertise to handle electrical connections safely and ensure that the installation meets all regulatory standards.

Safety First: During installation, safety should be the top priority. This includes turning off the main power supply to avoid electrical hazards and following proper safety protocols.

Secure Mounting: The meter box should be securely mounted to avoid movement, especially in areas prone to vibration or external impact. The mounting should be level and stable.

Weatherproofing: Ensure the meter box is properly sealed and weatherproofed to prevent water ingress and other environmental damage for outdoor installations.

Cable Management: Proper cable management is essential. Ensure that all cables are neatly routed and securely fastened, reducing the risk of damage and maintaining an organized setup.

Post-Installation Checks

Inspection and Testing: After installation, a thorough inspection and testing of the meter box and its connections are necessary to ensure everything is functioning correctly.

Documentation: Record the installation details, including serial numbers, specifications, and notes on the installation process. This information can be valuable for future maintenance or inspections.

By following these guidelines and emphasizing the importance of professional installation, you can ensure that your electrical meter boxes are installed safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant standards.


After looking into details about the two types of electric meter boxes, we have all gained an understanding of them. All the advantages and features of the meter boxes will be your guide to decide which type will satisfy your needs fully. When it comes to electrical appliances it is always advisable that you are very cautious not to fall for counterfeit products.

Always consider getting a professional in the electric field to help you install electric appliances like meter boxes which need a lot of concentration and expertise. Also, when sourcing your meter boxes in either one phase or three-phase electric meter boxes, it is crucial that you look out for trusted manufacturers and suppliers of electric products. For any inquiry kindly reach us.

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