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Why Do You Need an SMC Enclosure



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Everybody relies on electricity in their homes and places of work. But the thing with electricity is that it can be dangerous when caution is not observed. This is why electrical wiring around the hose is well insulated with plastic casings; otherwise, we would get electrocuted every time we touch electrical devices.

But insulation alone is not enough, you have to go a step further to protect the entire setup, and this is where an SMC enclosure comes in handy. We are going to explore what SMC enclosures are, what they do, the benefits they bring to the table, and the challenges you may face when selecting what to go with.

What are SMC Enclosures?

A Closed Enclosure

An SMS enclosure is a special device that contains and protects the wiring junctions that make wiring possible within homes and other public spaces. These junction boxes then provide the avenue for the entire building to be connected to the main power supply. In a nutshell, an SMC enclosure is the medium that stands between the entire electricity supply of a house and the main supply outside.

These enclosures have been used for years since urbanization started spreading and the need for electricity shot up. They are designed using different materials, and they mostly come in the form of a rectangular or square box that has a lock that can be used to keep the door of the enclosure shut. This is usually accessible by authorized personnel who understand how electricity works.

The Importance of SMC Enclosures

A Collection of SMC Enclosures

As we have already established what these enclosures are and their role, you may be asking yourself if having one is necessary. The answer to that is a resounding yes, and the following are the reasons why you need SMC enclosures on your property.

To conceal the electrical junction and the wiring. Most of the SMC enclosure installations are done outside where they have access to the public. It is not a good look to have important electrical wires exposed like that. The enclosure ensures everything is hidden from sight so that nobody knows exactly what’s going on inside.

It protects the wiring from vandalism. When you consider how electricity is important for all the operations in a home or a building, you will understand why protecting the wiring is vital. Things like security cameras depend on power to run. A burglar only needs to kill the electricity in an unlocked enclosure, and you are done for.

They protect people from electrocution. The main power supply is dangerous as it is operating at high voltage. Touching any live wire inside can lead to grievous injuries or even worse. These SMC enclosures are usually coated with insulating material on the inside, and once they are locked, it would be hard for anyone to be electrocuted even when they touch the outer part of it.

It protects the wires from the elements, especially water. Being a good conductor, water can accidentally complete a circuit when the wires are exposed, and this could lead to a fire hazard. By being closed tightly, the chances of water finding its way inside is greatly reduced.

It provides housing for neat wiring to be done. The SMC enclosure comes with labels that are easy to read, and this makes it easy for people to understand where each wire goes to. This is important as it reduces the chances of the wrong installations being done, which can lead to accidents.


The cost of setting it up is a little high, and although the benefits that one gets from having it installed are many, the price could discourage people on a budget from going for it.

There is increased resistance in the circuit path due to the many foldings that have to be done to make everything fit. That’s the price of having a neat setup.

As much as closing the SMC enclosure is for safety reasons, in case of an emergency where the main switch has to be switched off to stop something, it could become hard getting that done if gaining access in time is not possible.

Materials used to Make SMC Enclosures

An Electrical Junction Box

For the best security and protection, the SMC enclosure has to be constructed using materials that live up to that reputation. This is usually metal, but there are other alternatives that can be used depending on the needs. They include the following.

Metal: Metal is the most common material used due to its hardness and strength; cutting into them would be hard even with power tools. The most commonly used metal types include stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. All of these are resistant to the elements and are hard to break.

Thermoplastics: These are the safest and the most durable of all materials when it comes to making SMC enclosures. They don’t suffer from rust and can be reinforced with several layers to make them hard to break. They are also bad conductors of electricity, reducing the chances of electrocution even when a wire comes loose inside.

Fiberglass: Fiberglass is another reliable material that doesn’t suffer from the rusting and overheating experienced by the metals, and neither is it weak thermoplastics. Simply put, it is the best of both worlds. They offer the highest chemical resistance but are a little abrasive to tools.


SMC enclosures are necessary for homes, office buildings, schools, and any other establishment that’s used by people. They offer security, convenience, and a good way of centralizing power into one place for easy control. There are countless SMC enclosure brands that exist in the market, are and getting the right one can be a lot of work. Take your time to consider all factors and check out our website if you are lost for more information on how to go about it.

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