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What is the internal structure of the distribution box

June 26, 2021

The internal structure of the distribution box.

We often see some construction distribution boxes on many sites, enclosed in striking colors. What is a distribution box? What is the usage of the box? Let’s take a look today.

The distribution box, known as the distribution cabinet, is the general name of the electrical control center. According to the requirements of electrical wiring, a distribution box is a low voltage distribution device that assembles switching devices, measuring instruments, protective appliances, and auxiliary equipment in a closed or semi-closed metal cabinet.


First, the construction process.Equipment Opening Check → Equipment Handling → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Basic Installation → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) above Generatrix Wiring → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Trision Wiring → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Test Adjustment → Distribution Run Acceptance

Usages of distribution boxes: convenient for power outages, play the role of measuring and judging power outages and transmission. Easy to manage and convenient for maintenance in case of circuit failure. Distribution boxes and switchboard distribution vouchers are complete sets of devices for centralized installation of switches, meters, etc.

Now there is power everywhere, so the distribution boxes which made of iron plates are used more. Before the early 1990s, wooden distribution boxes were used, and their circuit switches and meters were barely mounted on the board, in case of a lack of safety, they were gradually phased out. With the rapid development of distribution technology, power safety is very important to human life in order to install the secondary protective plate, so we invented the accessories for the yard boy and applied for a patent. The yard boy can easily adjust different components and keep them at the same height, then the protective plate installed to achieve higher safety.

The distribution box is mainly divided into two parts

One is a complete set of the housing of the distribution box and its related metal accessories.

The second is the electrical components, including switch, relay, breaker, and wiring ect.

The cabinet is houseing the following components: circuit breaker; Leak current protection switch; Dual power automatic switch; Surge protective device; Electricity meter; Ammeter; Voltmeter.

Circuit breaker: switch is the main component of the distribution cabinet.

Leak current protection switch: It has both the function of leak current protection and the main function of the leak current protector is to ensure personal safety when people touch the live body and experience tripping. If the electrical equipment is not well insulated and leaks to the housing, the leak protector will also trip to avoid human touch electric shock. It also has the functions of current on-off, overload protection, and short-circuits protection.

Dual power auto-switch: Dual power auto-switch is the power two-choice auto-switch system. Suitable for continuous power conversion of any two power sources, such as UPS-UPS, UPS-generator, UPS-municipal power, etc.

Surge protector: Also known as the lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic devices, instruments, and communication lines. When a spike current or voltage is suddenly generated in an electrical circuit or communication line due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct a shunt in a very short time to avoid the damage of surges to other devices in the circuit.

Surge protector: It is called lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When a spike current or voltage is suddenly generated in the electrical circuit or communication circuit due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct and shunt in a short time to prevent the surge from damaging other equipment in the circuit.

Watt-hour meter: It is an electric energy meter commonly used by electricians. It is an instrument for measuring electric energy, commonly known as a watt-hour meter.

How the meter works: When the meter is connected to a circuit, the magnetic flux generated by the voltage coil and the current coil passes through the disc. These magnetic fluxes are in different phases in time and space, and eddy currents are induced on the disc. The rotating moment caused by the interaction between the magnetic fluxes and eddy currents makes the disc rotate, and the rotating speed of the disc reaches a uniform motion due to the action of the magnetic steel.

Because the magnetic flux is proportional to the voltage and current in the circuit, the disk moves at a speed proportional to the load current under its action. The rotation of the disk is driven to the meter through the worm. The meter’s indication is the actual energy used in the circuit.

Amperometry: Amperometers are made according to the action of a conducting conductor on a magnetic field. When a current pass through, the current passes through the magnetic field along with the spring and the rotating axis, and the current shears the induction line. Therefore, under the influence of the magnetic field force, the coil deflects, which drives the rotating axis and the pointer deflect.

Since the magnitude of the magnetic field force increases with the current, the current can be observed by the degree of deflection of the pointer.

Voltmeter: A voltmeter is an instrument for measuring voltage. Voltmeter symbol: V, there is a permanent magnet inside the sensitive galvanometer. A coil composed of wires is connected between the two connecting posts of the galvanometer. The coil is placed in the magnetic field of the permanent magnet and connected with the pointer of the table through a drive device.

However, the above-mentioned components are the most basic in the distribution box. In the actual production process, other components will be added according to the different uses of the distribution box and the requirements for the use of the distribution box, such as AC contactor, intermediate relay, time relay, button, signal indicator, etc.KNX smart switch module (with capacitive load) and background monitoring system, intelligent fire evacuation lighting and background monitoring system, electrical fire/leakage monitoring detector and background monitoring system, EPS power battery, etc.

By choosing the E-Abel distribution box, we can provide you with professional assembly and more than 100 sizes of boxes, which will greatly reduce your working time and save you costs.

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