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What Is a Junction Box?



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We have all seen a junction box at some point in our life. They are a very common sight in most residential and commercial buildings that depend on electricity, and they serve a lot of important functions. But how well do you understand them? Do you know how they function or how they are made?

These are some of the questions we are going to explore as we dive deep into the world of junction boxes. We are going to explore what they are, what they are made of, the roles they play, and the benefits and limitations they bring to the table. If you have ever seen one but have always been curious to know more about junction boxes, then you are in the right place.

Junction Box Basics

Advanced Junction Box 1
Source: Pinterest

By definition, a junction box is an enclosure made of plastic or metal that houses the electrical wiring connections, protecting them from the elements and from vandalism. These connections are not ordinary ones, they are the main step-downs from the primary power grid, and they supply the entire building from one point, complete with a control mechanism that one can turn to in case of an emergency. 

Junction boxes are made to be wire easy, and they come with ample space inside them to allow for the free circulation of air and, at the same time, to give the wires all the space, they need to be moved around without coming into contact with each other. Junction boxes are a very necessary addition to any setup that makes use of electricity, and this is why you see them outside or within every major building that has more than one unit.

Types of Electrical Junction Boxes

The number of electrical boxes being used today varies in sizes and shapes depending on the function they are designed for. Some are small enough to be used for domestic needs, and some come in huge sizes, enough to be used for commercial needs like manufacturing plants. On a broader scale, the following are the main types of electrical junction boxes.

Standard Residential Boxes

Residential Standard Box
Source: https://www.ecmag.com

These are ordinary electrical junction boxes that are used for residential setups like homes and small businesses. They are made using simple materials and they are never that big when it comes to sizes. Residential boxes are used to house the main wiring from the main power line and are connected to the main house through a series of wires that are carefully arranged to avoid any electrical mishaps. For most people, dealing with a residential junction box is easy as it doesn’t have a lot of wires inside; everything is straightforward without any major compilation considering the low amount of power the average house requires.

Round Pan Electrical Boxes

Round Pan Junction Boxes
Source: Spruce

These are junction boxes that are shaped like pans and are round in shape, with most of them being about ¾ inch deep. They are best suited for creating electrical junctions in the ceiling or the walls for light electrical components within the house. They are usually made of metal and are very reliable when it comes to soliting wires for use in all parts of the house. Just like any other electrical junction boxes, the writing inside the pan boxes is very neat and made with safety in mind. Owing to their small sizes, when setting a round pan electrical box in your house, ensure that the wiring is not overdone as that would cause overcrowding and that would be dangerous.

Outdoor Junction Boxes

Outdoor Junction Box
Source: https://img.directindustry.com

These are mainly the ones used to house the entire connection of a particular building, and they provide housing for wires that come from the main supply on the street to the nature building complex. They are made using the toughest of materials, metal mostly, and this is for the purpose of keeping vandals at bay. The other reason why they are made using hardy materials is to keep the electrical wiring inside safe from. For security purposes, when dealing with an outdoor junction box, you have to make sure they meet all the required standards that make them safe and strong enough to stop any water from interfering with the electrical connections inside. Most come with locks.

Octagon Junction Box

Octagon Junction Box
Source: https://image.made-in-china.com

Just as the name suggests, these are junction boxes that are shaped like octagons, and these shapes are designed to provide convenience for the electrical functionality of a house. They are mostly installed on the ceiling and can provide housing for advanced types of wiring that makes it easy for more electrical components to be installed without taking up too much space. One advantage of using octagon junction boxes is the fact that they are flexible and can accommodate more than what their capacity allows; however when c considering how volatile electricity is, it’s best to keep things within the needed parameters.

Gang Boxes

Gang Boxes
Source: https://3.imimg.com

Gang boxes come in varying versions, from 2-gang, 3-gang, and 4-gang. They all feature the same structure and are made of metal. These types of junction boxes are used for internal electrical wiring and are easy to make and manage. Depending on your needs, you can use a 2-gang junction box all the way to the 4-gang box. All kinds of wiring can be fitted into each of these boxes, depending on your immediate needs.


Junction boxes are very essential where electricity is concerned. They provide safety and security for all electrical applications around the house, and this is why having a proper junction box is very important. For more information on junction boxes, check out our website to know more about how they function.

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