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UL508A Certified AE Enclosures in Korea

E-abel is a Chinese professional manufacturer with 14 years of experience that can supply metal enclosures and completed assembly control panels.

We’re one of China’s few metal enclosure manufacturers whose all enclosures meet UL508A certification and whose engineers have passed the UL 508A MTR qualification examination.

We are confident that we can meet the needs of our customers even for non-standardized customized products.

The standard wall-mounted AE enclosure in Korea

UL508A Certified AE Enclosures 2

Our AE series is one of the most conventional wall boxes in the Korean market. Its strong stiffeners strengthen the shock resistance to reach IK11. The laser complete welding process produces seamless edges and corners that help our AE enclosures’ waterproof and dust-proof performance to get IP65 with a 14mm PU foaming gasket.

The story between our AE series and Korean customers is based on the end of 2022. At the end of December, I got an inquiry from Korea about a customized distribution panel on our website.

The customer is a Korean-owned and operated electrical engineering company and professional in providing electrical and communications services for industrial and commercial properties.

They specialize in all facets of low-voltage electrical switchboards, from Light and Power to Motor Control. Their expertise includes Main Switchboards, Distribution Boards, and custom enclosures. They are also a specialist in various electrical projects.

Unique and varied openings on the AE enclosure's inner door

As a standard product in the Korean electrical market, the most significant advantage of the AE series is that there will be various inner doors to adapt to the various projects.

Then, our goal is to customize the inner door according to their project characteristics and technical requirements so that they can be applied immediately after receiving the goods.

Therefore, in the sampling stage, to avoid mistakes and not increase the cost to the customer,whether it is the time cost of communication or the cost of money in production, our engineers suggest that the customer send us detailed specifications of all components to let us check the opening size accurately to make a first-pass sample.

After the production and quality inspection, we let the customer inspect the sample online with photos and video conferences. And we delivered the sample to Korea immediately once we got their confirmation.

The customers told us that the samples were packed well for shipping and the quality was perfect to meet their demands.

Enhancements Proposed for AE Enclosure Quality and Customer Satisfaction

UL508A Certified AE Enclosures 1

At the beginning of March 2023, the customer confirmed the mass production order of 200 pcs with us.

To provide high-quality products and services and to help customers further expand the market, we propose to make the following improvements to AE:

We covered the mounting holes with small rubber plugs to strengthen the waterproof and dust-proof performance of the box.

Gaskets will be placed around the door hinge to prevent the coating of the door frame from being scratched when the door is opened.

The left and right sides of the outer door are reserved for hinge positions so that the end user can flexibly change the opening direction.

I use E-abel’s “Quick Release” inner/internal door instead of the traditional hinged inner door for flexible installation and removal without screws and keys.

We use our intelligent design-mounting brackets/bright legs, which can adjust the width and height of different electrical components at the same level to make the circuit breaker installation more flexible and convenient instead of installing components directly on the mounting plate.

Bending the mounting plate with a thinner thickness saves material cost, but the loading bearing force can still be significant.

Customers and terminals have recognized the above improvements and received good market feedback.

Eabel is always happy to help our customers find the right enclosures for them. Please call us at +86 18860978683 or contact us online for more information.

Carson He

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