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Top 5 Medium Voltage Switchgear
Manufacturers in the USA



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Electrical switching devices that switch, control, meter, regulate, isolate, and protect electrical circuits and equipment are referred to as switchgear. Switches, circuit breakers, switch fuse units, contractors, H.R.C. fuses, offload isolators, and earth leakage circuit breakers are some of the products covered by switchgear. The switchgear is constructed by connecting these components in a logical order. 

The switchgear can be used to clear faults downstream and de-energize equipment to allow for work to be done. This device has a direct link to the electrical supply’s reliability. In industrial electrical boxes, commercial, and utility installations comprising generators, motors, feeder circuits, and transmission and distribution lines, medium-voltage switchgear provides centralized control and protection of medium-voltage power equipment and circuits.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the most reliable, top 5 medium voltage switchgear manufacturers in the USA.


Eabel Company Logo
Source: E-abel

Eabel at the start was located in Linshui in China and is among the most reputable enclosure manufacturing companies globally. E-Abel is now an international corporation based in China, the United States, and Singapore that offers flexible business practices. It is fully equipped with the appropriate machinery to enable precision in its operations.

While Eabel’s has always been more than just innovation, its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and realistic Quality Management embody the voice of enclosure pioneers in commitment to high-quality consistency. Also noteworthy is EAbel’s involvement in patent registration, ensuring that they never lose sight of the big picture.

Lindsey Systems

Lindsey company logo
Source: https://cdn.thomasnet.com/

Lindsey system located in California, in the USA, is a leading electrical switchgear manufacturer. Established in 1947, the Lindsey system has a total of 499 employees working in their 2000 square meters factory. The factory is fully equipped with the appropriate machinery to enable precision in its operations.

The company is verified by a Thomas verified badge, the Thomas Verified Supplier emblem signifies that Thomas has authenticated the company’s North American operations. This company manufactures high-quality Fittings, hardware, and fasteners for power transmission and distribution applications.

Merrimac Industrial Sales

Merrimac industrial sales company logo
Source: https://cdn.thomasnet.com/

Merrimac industrial sales was established in 1978, in Haverhill in the USA. The company has an employee capacity of 50-99 employees. Merrimac Industrial Sales offers the products, facilities, and personnel to get the job done, whether you need to source a product, solve an engineering problem, repair a piece of equipment, outsource manufacturing, or adopt controlled inventory. Their products are always being enhanced in terms of quality, putting them among the top suppliers in the United States.

Merrimac Industrial offers a wide range of cutting-edge automation technology products from several leading manufacturers and is dedicated to maintaining large inventory levels, on-time deliveries, and competitive pricing. Merrimac’s skilled, experienced, and factory-trained staff can assist with practically any control issue. The company has grown and expanded its product range to include lighting fixtures, among other things.

Power Plus

Power Plus Company logo
Source: https://cdn.thomasnet.com/

Power plus was established in Anaheim, in the USA, in the year 1987.The company has an employee capacity of 999 employees who are dedicated in the manufacturing of medium voltage switchgears. The company has specialized in the distribution and supply of paralleling switchgears capable of critical power applications. 

This company has a thomas verified badge, it has also successfully undergone several reviews and validation of all their products and services.

WEG Electric Corp

WEG Electric company logo
Source: https://cdn.thomasnet.com/

WEG electric corp is located in Duluth, in the USA. It is a reputable medium voltage switchgear manufacturer, including power distribution and control switchgear. Available in various sizes and voltage ratings. Used for utility and pumping stations, thermal and hydraulic plants, unitary substations and load switchboard panels.


Finding the right medium voltage switchgear manufacturer is essential for commercial, industrial and domestic operations. If you are in need of a high quality switchgear supplier, look no further, contact us, at Eabel we will be thrilled to be of help.

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