Standard product manufacturer and distributor's Relationships

standard control panel
standard control panel
  • Thanks to the development of human social civilization, standardized products can be accepted and used across borders and races. People in each region can divide and cooperate according to their own advantages: teams with production advantages can focus on standardized processes and output products more stably and at better costs; teams with channel advantages can focus on marketing and serve end users more quickly and efficiently.
  • This is a win-win cooperation, which must be built on the basis of frankness and mutual trust between the factory and the distributor: both sides must have a consensus on the quality testing standards of the products, a consensus on the frequency and timeliness of shipments, a consensus on the packaging specifications, the use of trademarks, a consensus on the mode of transportation and loading, and a consensus on the requirements of customs import and export… Only on the basis of consensus and trust can both sides understand each other and develop together.

What the manufacturer side can offer

  • 1. Details of the process are shown, on-site production photos and videos, and quality inspection videos. 
  • 2. Inspection certificates: IK, IP, UL, CE, CCC, etc.
  • 3. Installation guide manual, video guide.
  • 4. Auxiliary accessories.
  • Packaging and shipping pictures and videos, shipping list
  • 5. Online timely answer, after-sales service and support
the production site of the order from New Zealand distributor
the production site of the order from New Zealand distributor

What the distributor side can offer

  • 1. Coverage of regional population, per capita electrical consumption statistics.
  • 2. Main and secondary products, total sales of the brand last year.
  • 3. E-Abel’s main competitors in the region, and the corresponding marketing plan.
  • 4. According to the local characteristics, what needs special attention in terms of packaging, transportation, certification, etc.
  • According to the local climatic characteristics of New Zealand and the suggestions of our distributors, we have made several changes to our packaging. In terms of the carton, from the initial fixing with glue + nails, it was changed to only glue fixing, which on one hand can avoid the risk of nails scratching the box. On the other hand, it avoids the risk of nails rusting easily due to the temperate maritime climate of New Zealand, which affects the beauty of the overall packaging.
packing 1
  • 5. Provide local after-sales service for the factory’s reference, a brief market report every six months, analyze E-abel’s local market share, and compare with peers.
  • 6. Number of years of cooperation area and target performance amount.
  • 7. The amount of standard products in stock, the frequency of stocking.
  • E-abel, as leading electric box manufacturer, We welcome bulk non-standard customization needs, and E-Abel will try our best to meet your high standards.
  • We are flexible, practiced and remarkable.

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