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MFF (Mini Fire Fighter)

  • Inert gas fire suppression system
  • High temperature detection in seconds
  • Instant fire extinguishing in box
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In nowadays of human life and work, the Safety of Electrical Enclosure is undoubtedly important.


The risk comes from “Ohm’s Law”: once the electric current causes overheat, overload, or short circuit, the temperature would possibly reach the flare point which might cause a fire.


It is no doubt, circuit fire will bring countless loss to people, both work and life.

For human society good, we’d better reduce the risk of circuit fire.


E-Abel presents you a creative safety concept: the “Mini Fire Fighter” in the Enclosure – Auto Fire Extinguishing and Alert


The Mini Fire Fighter(MFF) reaches out a sensor wire of 50cm, which connects with those electrical components that are easy to give out heat. To ensure overall safety, you can also use more Mini Fire Fighters simultaneously to connect with more routes.

Once the temperature reaches 170°C ,then Mini Fire Fighter will be activated, and release yellow inert gas to extinct the fire within 0.3m³.


At the same time, this yellow inert gas will leak out from the distribution box, and remind people of the fire incident.


The MFF significantly reduces the loss in human society caused by the current fire in the Distribution Box.


And it also ensures our E-Abel distribution box presents you with a safer enclosure system.

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    Waterproof Wire Locks

    • 3 different size allow to apply different out-cut
    • PVC material, Durable
    • Standard screw fix structure
  • side rack lifter2

    Side Rack Lifter

    • Galvanize Coating, Durable
    • Fixed with screw, easy to apply
    • Offer a higher support spot for the protective cover
  • Mounting Bracket1

    Mounting Bracket

    • Patented Design, fit with all the component
    • Easy install with screw, more efficient
    • Flexible, free to adjust height and width
    • Galvanizing Surface, durable
    • Strong to support over 200kg
  • wall bracket1

    Wall Bracket

    • Fit with all the size of wall box
    • Galvanizing Surface, durable
    • Perfect structure design ,make the fixation more strong
  • Mounting Bracket Balancer2

    Mounting Bracket Balancer

    • Height balancer for the bracket
    • Humanization design, easy to use
    • Cold steel structure, strong and durable
    • Galvanizing Surface, durable
  • AE electrical box1

    E-Abel General Distribution Box

    • One-box-fits-all solution!
    • In-stock welding-free boxes
    • 2 Days quick delivery
  • Round head assembly screws1

    Round Head Assembly Screws

    • Stainless steel material, Durable
    • Unique design can hide the screw into the box
    • Standard size available for standard screw driver
  • hinge3 1

    Reversible Hinge

    • Removable design
    • Flexible design ,both left and right can be easily apply
    • Galvanize coating, Durable
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