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The outdoor electric panel is a primary element of the electrical distribution system. It splits up electrical energy to the circuits and protects equipment for every circuit in a typical enclosure at the same time. In other words, the electrical panel is also known as a distribution board, panelboard, and electrical switchboard. 

According to the National Electrical Code (NEC), the electrical panels can either be one panel or a union of panel units constructed in the shape of a single panel. Electrical panels are utilized to regulate light, heat, and power circuits. They are positioned in a closet or cutout carton and mounted on or against a wall. In addition to that, the electrical panels are available from the front only. 

The electrical panels are relatively significant because they safeguard against electrical dangers (short circuits and overloads) while disseminating electricity all over a facility or a building. Whether it is your home, industry, or public place, the electricity passes via the wires which are connected to the electrical panel. Every electrical panel has three primary components: the main breaker, circuit breakers, and bus bars.

Types Of Panel Boards

Electrical Control Panel
Source: Unsplash

Though there is no specific classification of panel boards, they are generally divided depending on the overall application, rating, whether utilized for power or lighting, and many more. Here we will see the detailed types of panel boards. 

Lighting electrical panels

Lighting appliances and electrical panels include overload safety and have the capacity to detach lighting, equipment, receptacles, and various tiny load circuits. Besides that, other electrical panel solutions are utilized for power. They might feed other panel boards, motors, and transformers in the structure’s or station’s all-around power distribution systems.

Power electrical panels

In general, industrial facilities mostly use power electrical panels. In addition to that, they are also utilized in modern or reassembled commercial buildings in which the electrical distribution demands are relatively complicated and need component-based solutions. These electrical panels give broad application network capacity for service door needs or the typical distribution of power circuits. 

For instance, cross-functional utilize capacities that require power panel boards for electrical dispersion. These electrical power panels are specially constructed to fulfill applications where modifications and improvements have to be quick, comfortable, and simple.


In order to mount the overload switches, safety devices, buses, and different appliances in high-end buildings or facilities, it is best to use a single massive panel, rack, or group of panels. The freestanding solutions, which are mounted to the ground or floor, are called switchboards. The switchboards are always available from the front, hoisted on the floor, and near the fence. 

They have similar functions as panelboards and frequently feed various panel boards. Switchboards can split up massive blocks of electrical power into tiny blocks utilized by electrical appliances. This division assists in disseminating energy to loads. In addition, it disconnects loads for safe supervision, safeguards conductors and other equipment against extra power because of overcurrents, short circuits, and surface defects.

Low voltage switchgear

In order to effectively and safely preserve, regulate, and control vital power electrical distribution systems, it is necessary to have highly functional low voltage distribution devices. The low voltage enclosure is frequently a decent choice in these circumstances. 

Regardless of whether it is marketable, industrial, or utility facilities, the low voltage switchgear gives centralized supervision and safety of low voltage power appliances and circuits. It encompasses transformers, power generators, engines, and energy arm circuits.

By Rating

Different types of enclosures have different ratings depending on their capacity to resist environmental aspects. Here are some types of panel boards based on rating

  • NEMA Enclosures

The NEMA-rated enclosures are accessible in wireless, wired, and industrial applications. They are suitable for outdoors, indoors and can be utilized for cooling, heating, venting, and inner energy needs.

  • IP Enclosures

IP-rated enclosures are made in different styles, sizes, and with various materials. The durable enclosures are accessible in IP65, IP66, IP67, and IP68 ratings. 

  • IECEX Enclosures

The IECEx enclosures come with IECEx certification and can withstand temperatures of -50 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. In general, they have an IP66 rating, but you can get an IP67 rating for customized solutions.

  • ATEX Enclosures

The ATEX flameproof enclosures incorporate hazardous electric units for vehicles or engines installed in hazardous areas (ATEX). These enclosures are made of stainless steel or steel and can overcome harsh and heavy environmental conditions.

  • UL Listed Enclosures

In general, the UL Listed enclosures give UL-rated solutions for industrial and commercial applications. They are ideal for outdoor and indoor use and are accessible in various materials, styles, and shapes.

  • C-UL Enclosures

The C-UL enclosures are in compliance with Canadian standards. They are designed using premium-quality substances for indoor and outdoor environments.

By Application

Here we will have a look at different types of panel boards depending on the application:

  • MV/LV Enclosures

Commercial and industrial applications use LV/MV enclosures. They are formulated with switching devices, such as levers, fuses, control panels, circuit breakers, isolators, power transformers, and several other appliances. 

  • Outdoor Environment

The outdoor metal enclosure boxes and frames can deter any outer elements from infiltrating the cabinets. They are ready to conserve vulnerable electronics and allow them to operate smoothly and constantly.

  • IT Enclosures

The IT enclosure server racks or cabinets can store and conserve sensitive electrical appliances. However, the composition range needed for these custom design enclosures is endless, making it relatively difficult for system producers to adjust to the stringent application restrictions.

  • Engineering

Industrial engineering is uptight with complicated procedures and system integrations. So, manufacturers make custom enclosure design solutions, and they help to safeguard device tool networks, automatic controls, mechanization networks, electrical switchgear, and others.

  • Climate Control

In order to make sure of applicable operating and long-term durability, a climate controlled enclosure is necessary. These climate control network enclosures will protect the inside components from high humidity, temperatures, and other elements. 

  • Medical Facilities

The medical enclosure boxes can combat long-term challenges, which is the purpose of their resistance to various elements, such as vibration, shock, water corrosion, and dust.

  • Data Centers

The data center and IT equipment enclosures safeguard the inside components from damage like dust and water disasters. Many manufacturers offer modular racks, custom rackmount enclosures, and server rack for sale, which ensure safety, flexibility, comfort, productivity, and ultimate performance.

  • Electric Distribution

The electrical enclosures are prepared for commercial and industrial applications with strict quality and safety requirements for handling 600/1000V low voltage electricity supply. Custom electrical enclosures are reliable and have a guarding panel. They give local safety and privacy to the crucial electrical power supply.

  • Telecommunication

While choosing telecommunication box solutions, be cautious and select the one that can control airflow and retain cooling technology. They can survive extreme temperatures, water, shocks, ice, snow, and even UV harm.

  • Computing & Storage

The computer and storage enclosure boxes can shelter and secure computers in industrial or workplace environments. You can incorporate a CPU, monitor, printer, keyboard, and other related components in a single closet and impede the infiltration of environmental pollutants, water, and dust.

  • Alternative Energy

It is possible to store electrical systems in solar inverter enclosures and alternative energy cabinets. They can withstand all kinds of severe weather conditions. The alternative energy enclosures have an IP66 rating, are reliable, and last longer. 

The Functions Of Distribution Board

Weatherproof Stainless Steel Box
Source: Eabel 

The primary functions include calculating power generation, transmission, transformer, and distribution. The power generation always comes first, followed by the transformer, and finally, the ability offered. After the conversion of voltage to high voltage, it will convey to a variety of locations. The voltage electrical device is gradually adapted to the desired voltage, and finally to the electrical instrumentation transferred via the distribution instrumentation.

In a way, the distribution box is a modern type of detailed management carton that incorporates energy distribution, calculation, safety, control, and reactive energy benefit. In general, it includes a low-tension distribution carton, which requires activity tools, switchgear, safety equipment, and off-line appliances in order to be developed in a relatively closed or semi-closed metal cabinet. In conventional systems, the circuits are attached or divided with the help of physical or automatic switches.

It is practical for management and repair in the event of mistakes. Detailed sets of appliances, such as switches and meters, are installed centrally, and the distribution board and distribution cabinet, distribution box, and distribution vouchers measure them. The distribution board often comes with a wood and iron plate system. Nevertheless, if power consumption is high, iron is more beneficial. 

The goal of the distribution cabinet is to promote the halt, deliver power and conclusion stop, carry power positions, and many others. The distribution closet comprises a lever, cable, shell, and a distinct distribution box. In addition to that, its interior configuration is relatively different. However, the primary function of the distribution board is to renovate the capacity, so the corporation’s energy is centralized and controls the management.

Where To Custom Electrical Enclosures

IP65 Weatherproof Metal Enclosure
Source: Eabel 

You can get customized electrical enclosures by contacting the manufacturer. As of now, there are several manufacturers who not only deliver their company-made products but also offer custom options. Some companies give semi-custom options, a few offer design custom options, while others provide fully custom options.

Due to that, you have to determine whether you want to have a fully custom or semi-custom electrical enclosure. Based on our experience, we can recommend Eabel company to you in order to obtain your custom electrical enclosure solutions. This manufacturer simplifies the process and optimizes the efficiency. 

All you have to do is reach out to them, make an order for the metal boxes, tell them your component list, and finally, you will receive assembled custom rackmount enclosure boxes. Besides that, they also offer large cabinets and car charging stations. 


The electrical panel or breaker panel is a metal carton with a gate, generally created into a wall or in some corner. It contains all the breaker switches inside it. In addition, you can discover a primary circuit breaker that regulates the energy of the whole building. For any electrical panel board solution, you can contact Eabel, where experts can help you choose the desired product. 

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