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Power enclosure boxes serve a lot of functions in the domestic and commercial spaces. They help protect important power lines from vandalism and the elements. Increasing the safety of the house or the building in question. Due to their high demand around the world, there have been a number of manufacturers who have specialized in making some of the best power enclosure boxes around.

We are going to explore one of these companies called E-abel that have been involved in the manufacture of some of the best power enclosures in the market. We will look at their brief history, the features of their products, and the reasons why you should consider going for them over other brands in the market. If you have been looking to get a power enclosure, then this is for you.

Brief History

A Wall Mounted Box

E-able was established many years ago after it was started from the need to provide much-needed solutions. After seeing people being forced to deal with the high costs of buying enclosures that were not that efficient, E-abel was formed with the sole aim of shaking up the game, and it wasn’t long before they had their own legion of fans.

The company now has a reputation for making some of the most reliable power enclosures that are not only hard to break in but can protect anything within it from any damage. On top of all this, these boxes come in varying sizes and shapes that can fit customized needs. They are also very affordable, another big reason why the company has grown quickly within a short period of time.

Characteristics of E-abel Power Enclosure

A Power Enclosure Box

E-able power enclosures are unique in design and functionality. They go a step further than most of the brands by doing more than just protecting electrical wiring. They are designed with aesthetics in mind. Some of their characteristics include the following.

The door panel has two reinforcing ribs, which are strong enough not to be deformed; The glue edge of the door panel is made of PU foam rubber with very good waterproof and airtightness attributes.

The door lock comes in the form of the mercurial MS813 square lock, which is a butt-welded door hinge that is not only waterproof and hard to break but also rustproof. This ensures the entire structure is not compromised even when the weather gets too extreme.

The door corner is seamlessly and beautifully pressed by the diagonal machine, with the four corners artistically designed to be even and symmetrical. This gives the power enclosure box an appearance that is beautiful.

It comes with a mounting board that’s embedded with a unique bottom code (patented product) that is easy to install. The installation process can be done without any help, and this saves you the time and the cost you would have had to spend on labor and other expertise.

It has an Intermediate bone and a secondary protective plate in the installation process that doesn’t need any art welding. The disassembly and assembly are also easy to handle and restructure back without compromising the switch cabinets that provide inner door protection level.

The outdoor power enclosure of the cabinet is resistant to high temperature, oxidation, and corrosion. All this is possible thanks to a special powder coat that keeps all the elements at bay even when conditions get too extreme.

The power box comes with a unique sliding rib design on the box body inlet hole. This borrows the quality and craftsmanship that you would find in a German Rittal. Simply put, operating this power box is seamless and without any issues.

Operating the power box is not that complicated, but for safety reasons, every operator and employee must undergo sufficient electrical knowledge training to ensure communication and follow-up with electrical engineering. This is to minimize chances of electrical injuries and to equip them with the knowledge to be able to explain things to the customer when a purchase is being made.

Combined with the special powder coat, this power box comes with a specially created “self-service fire box” product that can eliminate hidden fire hazards in the bud just before they become too big. This feature is not available in most of the other brands making this E-abel power box one of the safest in the game.


Finding the right power box is not an easy task since the market is overrun with all kinds of types, each of them promising heaven. It is easy to end up with an inferior product all because you didn’t have enough information. E-abel has proven itself to be a leader in the industry, and that alone is all the reason you need to choose them over the others. For more information on power boxes, the sizes and designs that exist, and other miscellaneous details, find time to check out the website and have all your questions answered.

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