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A detailed description of what Atex certification is, the standards, and the requirements to meet to get this certification.
The hanging arm structure means one end of the beam is a fixed support that does not produce axial or vertical displacement and rotation...
The distribution box should not be installed in a humid, steam, or corrosive place. It is generally installed behind the door or at a place where it is easy to open and close the upper part of the shoe cabinet by the door.
We often see some construction distribution boxes on many sites, enclosed in striking colors. What is a distribution box? What is the usage of the box? Let’s take a look today.
You might be familiar with electrical power distribution. Each machine device installation standard is different, this requires everyone to master the mounting method of the power distribution cabinet.
There are many technical standards to measure the classes of electrical enclosures and how resistant they are to the avoidance of certain materials.
We have participated in dozens of electrical products exhibitions, and our distribution box of new generation has...
We support Wuhan hospital/LA emergency Aid Station in the battles against Covid- by offering medical control desk...

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