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Standard Network Cabinet

October 17, 2022
  • The Rapid development of the internet presents the Value of Data application. The modern network in human society needs more ‘Data centers’, where thousands of servers are working together. Thanks to Rittal, who designed the server rack, and manage the equipment working in certain ‘Server Room’: fast and efficient.
Network cabinet
Network cabinet
  • Since the server used world around, their enclosure ‘Network Cabinets’ is used widely as well, And all the network Cabinet must follow the same global standard as below:
  • 1、The width of the Server Rack must be 19’ (48.26cm), which fits the server width.
Server rack
Server rack
  • 2、The Height of the Rack must be divided by “server unit” (U), 1U=4.445cm; the height of different types of server units should be 1U / 2U / 3U, so the server could be fixed firmly on the rack with screws; And so, the 9U, 12U, 22U, 36U, 42U network cabinet is used popularly.
server unit
server unit
  • 3、The material of the Main Rack frame structure should be “profile”, with a thickness of 1.2mm is basical, 1.5mm comes better; This Main Structure must be strong and horizontal. 1000kg carry capacity is the basic requirement.
Main rack frame
Main rack frame
  • 4、All parts of the Network Cabinets are ‘disassemble’ so that the user could install their server easily from the side, or combine their Cabinet in parallel. Furthermore, this design saves freight cost. And of course, the installation manual is required for the end user.
Disassemble server rack
Disassemble server rack
  • 5、The front door could be chosen by customer option: metal, or glass, or honeycomb. The back door design could be board or double door.
Front door
Front door
  • 6、The side board should be removable easily with the “clip-on” design.
Side board
Side board
  • 7、The Plinth is necessary to prevent the rats or snake. Since the Server Room is keeping warm in winter, where should be paradise for small animals.
The plinth
The plinth
  • 8、The top should contain the cooling fan, even contain the in/outlet gland.
Server rack top
Server rack top
  • 9、All surface should be treated well, following procedure as: polish – acid pickling – phosphating – coating electrostatic.
  • 10、The installation Rail should be galvanized sheet with 1.0 thickness, holding the server steadily.
  • 11、All accessories should be in stock ready to ship, such as: Power distribution unit (PDU), keyboard tray, cooling system, cable combiner, foot balancer etc.


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