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Flexible component height: Patented mounting brackets make unified component height anytime.

Welding-free design: Only screws will do, no more welding to set up your boxes.

Fit all components: Flexible brackets to hold all-sizes components. Make your box reusable.

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Benefit You can Find in E-Abel:

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In-Stock Genery Box

Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and cutouts, it’s easy to find the perfect solution for every electrical application.

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Customized for Your Project

From size, color, door type, locks, to Standing types, We will tailor your business.

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Reliable Solution to Enclosures

Manufactured to meet the most demanding environmental conditions, Available in various sizes.

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Complete Enclosure Assembly

High-quality individual components outsourced or received to assemble your enclosures.

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Consulting & Engineering Support

Professional advice on electrical design and cabinet construction.

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Suitable for multiple applications

Help your company manage electricity more efficiently, effectively and sustainably.

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Explore our industrial Enclosures

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Electrical Enclosure

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Free-Standing Enclosures

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Wall Mount Enclosure

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Modular Enclosures

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PLC Enclosure

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NEMA/IP Enclosure

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Weatherproof Enclosure Box

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Electrical Enclosure Cabinet

Enclosure Ratings :

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General in Assembly, General in Use

Improve your efficiency with the original general distribution boxes. This welding-free box allows you to reduce your assembly time through flexible mounting brackets and side racks, while also improving safety and minimize replacement rate.

When every second counts in your projects, the general distribution box delivers high efficiency to help you save time-labor and more.

Why E-abel Enclosure


No More Welding Hassle

The use of our patented flexible mounting bracket instead of welded seat plate of components, brings with it significant savings in human welding work.

Apart from the mounting bracket, special side racks are designed to suit all protective covers with different cutouts. Now your project could claim the flexibility no matter how components changed or cutouts renewed.

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In-stock or Customized for Your Projects:

In-Stock Variables Ready to Ship

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Product No.WidthHeightDepthDoors

Customized to Your Projects

Custom Options:

Mild Steel Freestanding Enclosure Hinge Door

For low-voltage switchboards Superior cleaning Made to measure All types of ventilation

Mild Steel Freestanding Enclosure Hinge Door

For low-voltage switchboards Superior cleaning Made to measure All types of ventilation

Enclosures for Every Challenge Application:

E-Abel Values - What Drives Us Forward

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITAP rooted in China, E-Abel is founded as an internationally corporation which develops flexible business practice in China, United States, and Singapore.

Electrical Enclosure Assembly

The electrical box assembly is the next stage after enclosure customization; it is suitable for any application and available with our general boxes series.

With this service, we also offer component sourcing, utilizing our purchasing power to attain the relevant components at low prices. The enclosures can then be built to your exact specification, whether high, medium or low volume.

Techniques & High Quality

Flexible Component Height

Component Mounting Brackets (E-Abel Patent)

1.Improve your assembly efficiency by welding-free brackets 2.Perfect for on-field engineering 3.Flexible to change components

Welding-Free Front Frame

Screws-Needed-Only Side Racks (E-Abel Patent)

1.Welding-free design to simplify your assembly 2.Super-fast set up 3.Simple and easy operation for electricians

Seamless Enclosure Corners

No Welding, No Grinding Corner Forming

1.Seamless and smooth appearance 2.Premium leak-tightness 3.High-end surface to improve overall value

Short Lead Time Butt Welding

Precise Butt Welding for Quick Production

1.Precise infrared location 2.Higher production efficiency to shorten lead time 3.Precise machining for high-quality joint

Max Thickness Welding

Prompt Welding for High Thickness Enclosure

1.Quick welding speed for thick materials 2.Consistent and repeatable welds 3.Excellent weld quality and clean processing

Automatic Robot Welding

Precise Butt Welding for Quick Production

1.Precise welding and seamless surface 2.Premium leak-tightness 3.Greater productivity to shorten your lead time

At E-Abel, we’re committed to empowering your enclosures. As Flexible, Practical, Remarkable box is the next.

From our enclosures to our team to our factories, you’ll find we go to great lengths to solve your enclosure challenges, never settling for the status quo. That’s how we passionately pursue our clients for life.

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We Power the Enclosures - Practical, Flexible, Remarkable.

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