What Is An In-Cabinet Interlock?

June 21, 2022

What Is An In-Cabinet Interlock?

E-Abel Indoor Distribution Cabinet
E-Abel Indoor Distribution Cabinet

In-cabinet interlock is a newly developed safety device, which is suitable for PS series cabinets and used in multi-cabinet parallel systems

Rittal's in-cabinet interlock

  • When developing this interlock, the concept of Rittal’s in-cabinet interlock is referenced. Rittal’s interlock is fixed at the top position of the cabinet. When the push rod moves, the hook falls to lock the door. When the door is opened, the spring releases the push rod to unlock it. 
  • However, this leads to a large number of parts of the interlocking mechanism and a longer length of the push rod. During installation, it is necessary to finely adjust the installation position of the fixed iron block on the push rod, so that the push mechanism can correctly push the push rod to the appropriate position, the installation process is too complicated.
Rittals interlock - electrical cabinet supplier
Rittal's in-cabinet interlock

E-Abel's in-cabinet interlock came

  • After E-Abel’s engineering team discussed the cabinet structure, we decided to take advantage of the installation convenience of the 9-fold profile to install the interlocking mechanism on two adjacent longitudinal columns of the parallel cabinet system. In this way, it can reatly reduce the length of the interlocking mechanism.
  • In terms of structure, we also simplify the push rod mechanism into a push-type sliding hook and also use the spring as the release device.
  • The door reinforcements follow our standardized design, and there are installation holes reserved. Therefore, even in a customized cabinet, the distance between the door reinforcements and the structural column is fixed, we can easily install the locking hook on the driven door, and the interlocking push member is mounted on the active door.
E-Abel In-Cabinet Interlock
E-Abel In-Cabinet Interlock
  • Now, only the Sliding Hook, the Pusher, the Hook on the door, the Spacer, a total of 4 parts, can form a complete interlock, which is simpler and faster for installation and adjustment.
  • When the active door is closed, the pusher member on the active door will push the hook to produce displacement, so that the sliding hook and the hook on the driven door are interlocked, locking the driven door;
  • When the active door is opened, the push part is removed with the opening of the door, the spring releases the sliding hook, and the driven door can be unlocked and opened. 
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