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We Continue to Develop Safer Electrical Products

August 16, 2022
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Overall Social Situation

  • In 2022, many cities began to resume work and production after experiencing the impact of the pandemic. According to Fu Linghui, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics, China’s economic aggregate reached 114 trillion yuan in 2021, ranking the second in the world.
  • In the face of the impact of COVID-19 on the real industry, it is still able to resist certain risks. This is inseparable from the hard support of enterprises and the efforts of millions of people.
1、Improve productivity and product quality

Adhering to the concept of “let China’s good products go abroad”, E-Abel keeps innovating and developing. The factory has introduced Mitsubishi CNC laser cutting machine from Japan and EUROMAC CNC punching equipment from Italy.

CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Laser Cutting
CNC Punching
CNC Punching

New cutting equipment has increased productivity and improved product quality. In order to make Chinese products can be recognized and accepted by the world, “producing safer electrical products” is one of the important purposes.

2、Increase protection level

In terms of protection of distribution box, E-Abel has introduced Angle pressing machine to achieve seamless corner in a real sense, saying farewell to the traditional welding angle. On this basis, laser welding machine has been introduced to protect the equipment from water leakage in extreme environment. Reduce the use of equipment in extreme environments causing accidental electrocution.

Press before seamless corner
Press before seamless corner
Seamless corner
Seamless corner
Before welding
Before welding
After welding
After welding
3、Enhance Poduct Safety
Mini fire extinguisher
Mini fire extinguisher

For the safety of the distribution box, E-Abel enables users to add fire extinguisher BATTERY EVO. The 50cm wire of the extinguisher is connected to the hot appliance. When the temperature of any equipments in the box reaches 170℃, the temperature sensor will be triggered and release yellow inert mist gas. One fire extinguisher can extinguish the flame in 0.3㎡ space.

4、Enhance Product Quality Control

In terms of the quality of the distribution box, E-Abel takes the sampling code for each batch of products, and the person in charge of each step of the process operation can be traced. Every important process step is checked by workers. The retention of samples is not only to retain data, but also to find out the problem and solve it when there is a problem with the product.

chat history
chat history 2

There is no love in disaster, but we have love in humans hearts. People all over the world are struggling against the epidemic, and E-Abel has not slighted its corporate social responsibility.

E Abel team
E Abel team 2

Hoping that every cloud has a sliver lining. And may the pandemic end at an early date !

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