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When we were installing circuit breakers and switches under protective covers in the past, we would always face the issue of particular components with irregular heights. It’s highly costly, gradual, and troublesome. The worst of them all, there are no solutions.

Why we must develop a new accessory called “flexible mounting bracket” to solve this problem?

Are we just going to put this issue aside? Absolutely not! As the pioneer in the electrical industry, we ought to find a solution, then share it with our partners and spread it to the world. That’s why E-Abel has thrived for more than a decade.

After months of development, our engineer finally designed this new accessory, the Mounting Bracket. From now on, all these issues will be solved effortlessly.

What is the mounting bracket? How does it work?

Please watch the intro video below.

How to install the mounting bracket?

With the latest design, many engineers don’t know how to install this accessory. Please follow the instruction as follows:

  1. Determine the right height and the quantity of mounting bracket needed
  2. Assemble the mounting bracket
  3. install all the components on the mounting bracket
  4. Fix it on the gland plate

It’s difficult to understand the step? please watch the instruction video below.

What are the advantages?

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Meet E-Abel and our team

E-Abel’s new distribution box allows you to maximize the use of a metal box with just two patented designs. Together, the E-Abel team is your partner for energy and power engineering.

Complex made simple. Meet the patented highlights of E-Abel distribution boxes that refresh your mind.

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