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Outdoor Enclosures Introduction

May 6, 2021
  • E-Abel manufacturer of outdoor heavy-duty electrical enclosures and climate control components will withstand even the toughest wind, dust, and outdoor weather conditions.

Outdoor heavy-duty street cabinets & enclosures are designed to foil both the elements and street vandalism. Inside the multi-environment enclosure. Easy and quick to install, with numerous sizes and outdoor accessories.

Range of outdoor enclosures is customized and designed with anti-vandalism and corrosion protection in mind.

Outdoor enclosures range satisfies the toughest demands in Rail & Roadways Trafic Applications, Telecommunication Systems, and Internet Appliances.

  • Outdoor electrical enclosures installations are subject to many challenges:
  • Weathering
  • Rain, sun, dust. heat, cold, humidity, solar radiation, snow, sleet, wind storm
  • Human interaction
  • Safety, vandalism, burglary, intrusion, noise
  • Installation constraints
  • Long service life, energy efficiency. thermal management
  • Optimized, outdoor heavy duty enclosures offer protection, durability, and ease-of-installation

Much more than a high IP / NEMA rating is needed to solve all major outdoor enclosures issues. To provide efficient and effective long-term protection, our enclosures are fully optimized with

  • Support for key outdoor standlards and certifications
  • Up to IK 10 resistanceUp to IP 66 level of protection
  • Tropic outdoor thermal management systems to help to ensure optimal internal temperature and humidity balance
  • Heavy duty stainless steel and heavy cuty aluminium sheets in standard and custom sizes
  • Dedicated accessories engineered for real outdloor conditions
  • Innovative, space-saving ventilation architectures
  • Complete technical tools to speed design and installatior
  • Support for quick problem resolution

E-Abel outdoor enclosures and climate control components will withstand even the toughest wind and weather conditions. From basic requirements such as humidity, temperature fuctuations, and sunlight to extreme conditions such as seawater resistance or earthquake resistance, through to protection against vandalism, Delvalle has the answer. In this way, we ensure that there are no limits to our customers’ applications. Custom outdoor enclosures and outdoor rack cabinets, we manufacture rack system enclosures for road, road traffic security, mobile telecom, etc. Outdoor enclosures, outdoor rack enclosures, lighting outdoor enclosures, and electronic outdoor enclosures.

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