What Is An Explosion-Proof Box?

June 13, 2022

What Is An Explosion-Proof Box?

The principle of explosion-proof control box: all live parts of electrical equipments are placed in a special shell. This shell is used to protect our electrical equipments. The shell can block the explosive mixture of sparks and electric arcs, and can withstand the pressure of sparks and electric arcs of explosive mixtures in the shell when they are detonated, so as to avoid shell damage. 

Explosion proof box 1
Explosion-Proof Box

The Material And Drawing Confirmation

Explosion Proof Box
Design Drawings

The materials of explosion-proof boxes can be aluminum, iron, stainless steel, etc. The aluminum explosion-proof box is cast in one, while the iron and stainless steel are welded. The customer’s demand was to place routers for Nokia in it. Considering the  customer’s requirments, combining our experience, we discussed and analyzed the suitable materials, and finalized the cold rolled steel explosion-proof box. 

Then we gave the customer a clearer understanding of what the box looked like through design drawings. Considering that the routers needed to be wired, so the bottom of the box needed to be perforated accordingly. 

During this period, the size and quantity of openings were negotiated. After repetitive communication, the final drawings were designed for the custome’s reference and confirmation.

The ATEX Certification And Additional Service

During the production, our company was preparing for the ATEX certification matters. And we updated the progress with the customer.  ATEX is an explosion-proof directive in the EU CE certification, which is of great help to foreign customers, especially European customers, in the local market.


The finished products are additionally equipped with a special explosion-proof interface to ensure safety. The customer highly praised our professional and considerate service.

Explosion Proof Box
Explosion-Prood Box

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