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Janis’s Refrigeration Control Cabinet

Janis’ company is a leading hybrid cooling technology company, developing and implementing hybrid cooling and adiabatic precooling technologies. For over a decade, they have perfected unique products designed to increase chiller efficiency, reduce power consumption and protect condensers, providing the HVAC industry with precisely engineered, state-of-the-art next-generation adiabatic precooling systems, components, and solutions plans.

He needs to customize a suitable box to control the cooling system and serve the current server data center project.

Janis met us by searching for control box enclosure factories and going to eabel.com. He browsed our website in detail and knew we are a professional box cabinet shell factory with advanced equipment and a complete production process.

Refrigeration Control Cabinet 1
Refrigeration Control Cabinet 2

In the past, plastic boxes were their choice, but the beautiful appearance and insufficient structural strength have always been problems that customers have criticized. After understanding the customer’s pain points, we combined the usage scenarios of the data center and recommended high-end stainless steel materials to the customer. Because it is the first time to cooperate, the customer is not at ease with us. We will combine similar customizations that we have done to other customers before for display, physical photos, drawings, etc., to further dispel customers’ doubts. After the material is confirmed, we suggest the box’s structure and install an inner door inside. In this way, when the user operates the button, he will not accidentally touch the internal components, which is safer, whether it is the entire control system or the user’s safety.

Refrigeration Control Cabinet 3

While confirming the production drawings, we thoroughly listened to customers’ opinions and the actual production process and did everything possible to meet customer needs. For example, the position of the opening of the ventilation fan cover was initially imagined by the customer to be placed on the same horizontal line. We analyzed the internal air circulation for the customer. The cold air will fall, and the hot air will rise. The two fan outlets should be staggered up and down. This is more reasonable. The customer is impressed by our professionalism and the spirit of thinking about the customer. We were serving customers. After complete discussion and confirmation, production will start immediately. Although it is a custom-made product, given our previous experience in making similar products, the proficiency of the workers has been maintained, and it was completed before the delivery date.

After the sample is completed, we display the sample from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom, in the form of photos and videos, and the customer is satisfied after seeing it. We have adopted special aviation packaging of air bubble film + pearl cotton + foam + 5-layer corrugated boxes to deliver the products to customers perfectly. The customer has received the product and is conducting a complete set of tests. I wish the customer a smooth pass and support in more and more projects.

Refrigeration Control Cabinet 4
Refrigeration Control Cabinet 5
Paul Cao

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