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How to Install a Distribution Box

September 30, 2022

The installation and precautions of power distribution box.

You might be familiar with electrical power distribution. Each machine device installation standard is different, this requires everyone to master the mounting method of the power distribution cabinet. There are some cabinet installation specifications and steps, let’s take a look.

how to install distribution box

First, the construction process.Equipment Opening Check → Equipment Handling → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Basic Installation → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) above Generatrix Wiring → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Trision Wiring → Cabinet (Distribution Broad) Test Adjustment → Distribution Run Acceptance

Second, the construction technology

1.Equipment out of the box inspection, installation units, supplies, or construction units at the same time, and finish check recording. According to the list of equipment, construction drawings, and equipment technical materials, check the equipment body and accessories, the specifications of spare parts should meet the design drawings requirements. This should include accessories, spare parts, product qualified documents, technical information, and instructions. The appearance of the cabinet (Distribution Broad) should not be damaged and deformed, and the paint is intact. Cabinet (Distribution Broad) internal inspection, electrical device and component, insulated porcelain parts, no damage, cracks, and other defects.

  1. 2.Equipment transportation is collaborating with lifting work and electrical fitting. Depending on the weight of the equipment, and the distance can be used car, car hangs combined with transport, human strolled or hoist rolling transport. The road should be cleaned in advance to ensure smoothness. For the equipment lifting point, there is a hanging ring at the top of the cabinet (distribution broad), the sling should be in the hanging ring, and the hanging rings should be hung in the four-pool, while the sling should not be hanged on the equipment components. The length of the sling should be consistent to avoid part damage.
  3. 3.Cabinet (distribution broad) installation and straightening steel: The bending steel is straightened. According to the requirement, prefabricated steel frames and brushed the anti-rust paint. Based on the position of the construction drawing, the prefabricated basic steel frame is placed on the reserved iron and using the dumpy level or the horizontal ruler to make sure the steel at the horizontal level. During this process, you need no more than three gaskets where the placement is required. Then, the base of the steel frame, ambient iron member, and the gasket are welded. In the end, the top of basic steel should be 10mm higher than the ground, and the High voltage switch cabinet is implemented by product technical requirements.

4. After the basic steel is installed, the outdoor line flat steel is introduced into the indoor (mounted with the transformer mounting ground) and the two-end welding of the basic steel, the welding surface is twice the width of the flat steel, and then the base steel needs to be brushed two grey paints.

5.The top busbar configuration on the top of the cabinet (distribution broad) requires verticality (per meter) <1.5mm, adjacent to the top of the two plates <2mm, the top of the same discharge plate <5mm, adjacent to the two plates <1mm, Cheng-listed discs <5mm, Capacular seams <2mm.

6.According to the schematic, the cabinet (distribution broad) will have the second line connection, then check the entire appliance element on the cabinet (distribution broad), and its rated voltage and control operate the power supply voltage must be consistent. Base on the figure, the control cable connects the line between the phase and the cabinet. After the control line is processed, each core wire is used as a circle, and the zinc-dip screw, the ring, and the spring pad are connected to each terminal plate. Terminal plates are generally pressed by one terminal, up to two, and two lines are added. Multi-strand should be twisted, no shares.

7. Cabinet (distribution broad) test adjustment: High-pressure test should be carried out by the test unit licensed which came from the local power supply department. The test criteria met the requirements of the national standard, local power supply sector, and product technical information requirements. Insulation shake test, with a 500V shake table to test the resistance of each loop at the terminal plate, and the resistance must be greater than 0.5mΩ. If the second small circuit loop is used in transistors, integrated circuits, and electronic components, the site’s inspection is not allowed to use the lanter and bell test, and the use of the multimeter test circuit is turned on or off. Turn on the temporary control power supply and operating power; remove the control in the cabinet (distribution broad), the upper end of the power circuitry fuse is removed, and the temporary power supply is connected.

8.Power transmission operation acceptance, by the construction unit preparation test qualified adapter, insulated boots, insulated gloves temporary ground is woven copper wire, insulating pad, powder fire extinguisher. Thoroughly cleans all equipment and variable charts, the dust of the control room. Also, cleaning up the electrical appliances, instrumentation components, and other equipment in the indoor division, and other items should not be stacked. Check the busbar, there is a tool metal material and other objects that have legged on the device. Test-running organization, clearly trial-running commanders, operators, and guardians.

Third, Pay attention distribution box’s installation!

1.Before the installation of the power distribution cabinet, check the complete set of equipment and its equipment foundation that enters the site, and the cabinet can be installed only after the acceptance is qualified.

2.Firstly, pull the two reference lines in the top of the cabinet and the bottom of the cabinet; Then, put the counter in the order of the drawings, accurately adjust it, then adjust other panels one by one; the disc is consistent, and the arrangement is neat.3. The simulation bus is aligned; the installation is firm. Distribution broad, cabinet and disk, and the internal connection between the cabinets is firmly connected to each component.

3.The simulation bus is aligned; the installation is firm. Distribution broad, cabinet and disk, and the internal connection between the cabinets is firmly connected to each component.

4.After the installation is complete, we can see the disk sign and the logo are complete, accurate, and clear. The trolley and the drawer are flexible. The arrangement of the electric cabinet is arranged neatly, and the gates of the cabinet are flat, the paint layer is intact, the cabinet and the cabinet door are firmly reliable.

5.Maintenance: The operation space before and after the maintenance of the power space needs to meet the cabinet requirement. The insulating carpet is laid complete.

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