Hanging arm electric control box

June 26, 2021

How to choose hanging arm electric control box

The hanging arm structure means one end of the beam is a fixed support that does not produce axial or vertical displacement and rotation, the other end is a free end (which can generate forces parallel to the axial direction and perpendicular to the axial direction). According to the force analysis of engineering mechanics, a typical simplified model is used. In actual engineering analysis, most of the actual engineering stress components can be simplified as cantilever beams. The cantilever structure is characterized by: a fixing device, a rotating device, a pivot, and a connecting member. The cantilever system can effectively connect the control box and the machine in order to operate at a suitable position and comfortable angle.

How to choose hanging arm electric control box1

In recent years, cantilever and cantilever control boxes have been widely used in numerical control equipment and machine tool environments, with the following characteristics:

1: The width and height of the cantilever control box can be freely selected

2: The uniquely designed profile structure has excellent heat dissipation performance

3: Rectangular front panel (standard control panel can be installed directly)

4: The front panel can be installed from inside or outside

5: Installing the panel from the inside is very quick and easy

6: No rubber seal is needed on the outside of the box

7: The rear panel has two options: fixed and lockable rear doors

8: The installation of the rear panel will not affect the installation space inside the cabinet

9: The internal installation slot of the boom control box can be easily fixed with the spring nut.

Cantilever control box is also known as: hanging arm control box, hanging power distribution box, cantilever power distribution box, cantilever box, cantilever system, machine tool hanging arm, machine tool cantilever Box, cantilever arm, machine tool arm, machine tool operating box, cantilever arm connector, the cantilever control box is splicing by high-quality anodized aluminum profiles and aluminum die-cast corner parts. The anodized aluminum profile is wiping more easily, the box keeps bright such as a new cabinet, simple appearance design and stable structure. Cantilever control boxes are widely used in the CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, laser machinery, woodworking machinery and other mechanical assembly lines and special equipment, the cantilever control box can be fully satisfying the requirements of actual operation by coordinate with cantilever or support system, the flexibility of the cantilever which allow the machine have a wide operating range and More convenient for machine control, the size of the cantilever box is completely customized according to requirements.

Presently our Hanging Arm control box in three types: Type 60/50/40



One axis



Two axes



Three axes

Streamlined aluminum electric control box

The types of cantilever boxes:

Right Angle Aluminum Electric Control Box

size chart
The types of cantilever box

Streamlined aluminum electric control box

size chart2

The length and width of the above two electric control boxes can be adjusted freely, but not adjusted for the thickness.

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