Flat Pack Electrical Cabinet

August 2, 2022

What is Flat Pack Electrical Cabinet ?

Electrical cabinet in flat pack design
Electrical cabinet in flat pack design

The Electrical cabinet is widely used in modern industry, such as Data Center, Electricity distribution, Logistic control, Energy saving system,  Automatic manufacturing, etc. Great Thanks to Germany Rittal, who defined the basic structure for different kinds of Cabinet in various applications: indoor as Transit Center, Data Center, while outdoor as street lamp controller, CCTV etc. 

E-Abel Solution and Standard

  • We patiently studied the basic structure and researched the market, then we proudly brought further improvements to our Electrical Cabinet: Sturdy Structure with 9-fold profile in “Flat Pack” design.
  • This detachable cabinet structure, maintains all the standard installation function from “Rittal Version”, but saves at least 60% transportation cost: flexible, practical, remarkable.
Sturdy Structure with 9 fold profile in Flat Pack design
Sturdy Structure with 9 fold profile in Flat Pack design
  • The installation of the electricl cabinet is really simple, here is our official assembly guide above. For more please visit us on our channel Enclosure E-Abel.
  • Also we provide a detailed instruction here, feel free to download
  • It takes 2 people and about 1 hour to build up one cabinet: horizontally strong as a solid one, the bearing capacity holds 1.5 tons above. 

Why Choose Us

As uncertainties continue to rise around the world, the cost of living is increasing and the cost of transporting goods is rising significantly.

E-Abel as professional electrical box manufacturer, always prioritizing the needs of our customers. 

E-Abel Free Standing Parallel Cabinet
E-Abel Free Standing Parallel Cabinet

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