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Enclosure Solutions in Underground Coal Mine



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Working underground can be stressful for anyone due to the constricted spaces and the heavy air due to slow circulation. This could have a devastating effect on anyone confined to such harsh conditions, and this can lead to injuries. Mining is, without doubt, the hardest and the worst of all industries, and it requires a lot of safety measures to be initiated for any work to be done. This is especially true for coal mining.

We are going to explore the enclosure solutions you can turn to to make sure that the working conditions are a little better. Underground mining tunnels have to be properly lit in order for the miners to see where they are going and to have a way of surviving in the event of an accident. If you have been thinking of getting into coal mining and would like to do things the right way, then you are in the right place.

The same is true for aluminum, copper, gold, and diamond mines. After all, it is underground, not only dark, but underground Disasters such as water, fire, gas, coal dust, geothermal, and roof are the most dangerous.

Enclosure Solutions Transforming Coal Mining

Enclosure Box Types

As mining continues to attain mechanization, people are now able to go deeper to access more cola and this is a good thing for mining companies. However, there is an increased risk the deeper people go, and the need for better lights and other safety practices are needed.

Electricity is the main driving force of the modern coal industry; therefore, safety in underground production mines is very important for everyone involved. The use of power distribution equipment must have very strict requirements, and this includes the electrification of mine lighting and coal production. This ensures that the loading trucks work as they are supposed to, and enough air is pumped into the tunnels as much as possible.

Things like transport automation are very important, especially when dealing with emergencies. This is how you are able to get as many people outside as you can and get them to medical help. For all of this to work seamlessly and efficiently, the power supply has to be centralized in one place for easy control and access. This is where power enclosures come in handy.

For the best-case scenario, you have to ensure that the selection of distribution boxes under coal mines are equipped with supreme features like being explosion-proof and anti-corrosion. These protections help prevent electric sparks generated by electrical equipment from detonating underground as that would lead to untold casualties in such confined spaces.

The design of each enclosure has to be inspected well beforehand to ensure that it meets all the maximum requirements of safety. If possible, tests should be conducted to ensure there’s nothing wrong before any installation is done. At the minimum, the manufacture and inspection of explosion-proof electrical equipment must at least meet the requirements of the national standard “GB3836 Electrical Explosion-proof Standard”.

One of the best solutions, in this case, would be using 316 stainless steel for constructing the box, and this is due to a number of reasons briefly explained below.

It has a high corrosion resistance which gives it the strength to withstand the extreme conditions that may be found underground.

It can withstand high temperatures without affecting the electrical components inside, and this is part of its safety features.

It is non-magnetic, which is important considering how strong magnetic fields suddenly start getting the deeper you go underground.

It is waterproof. No matter how much moisture and humidity it is exposed to, it cannot be damaged, and it will keep whatever is inside dry.


Solid Enclosures

To counter the extreme conditions that represent underground during mining. These enclosure boxes are equipped with certain features which further boosts their abilities to function without breaking down. These features include the following.

The door corners have adopted seamless technology, which means that there’s no welding required to set them in place.

The door panel makes use of an all-round technology which has the capacity to stop dust particles from breaching the enclosure box. This ensures everything is safe from friction.

The edge of the door is inclined at a deliberate angle to further fortify the box against water that may try to find its way in. At the same time, it has a waterproof lock and pad near the opening, which keeps everything out even when the enclosure is opened for a short time.

A double-layered door for extra protection that extends into the inner door panel, ensuring that the IP41 is well protected throughout.

An automated firebox feature that can be selected in case there’s overheating. This will immediately be activated automatically to put out that fire or bring down the temperature.

Each of the welding positions on the enclosure is made with the utmost care to ensure they last for as long as possible without any need for repairs.

Every other vital accessory, from the locks, the door hinges, and others, are made using stainless steel that are of the highest quality to further cement the ability of the enclosure to withstand anything that’s thrown at it.


When dealing with underground mining, no stone should be left unturned. All stops must be pulled to ensure that everything is up to the required safety standard before the first miner is allowed into the ground. Using the right power enclosures goes a long way in ensuring that this requirement is met. For more information on enclosures and how they operate, check out our website and have all your questions answered by our team of experts.

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