Top 7 Electrical Switchgear
Manufacturers Worldwide



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Electrical switchgear is a centralized group of circuit breakers, switches, and fuses. It can also be referred to as a circuit protection device since it protects and isolates electrical equipment from faulty conditions. It also de-energizes any moment there is a fault in the power system, like a short circuit, a massive current flows through the electric setup, which might be disastrous to the structure.

There are three different types of switchgear depending on their voltage holding capacity. Low Voltage switchgear has capacities up to 1 kV, Medium Voltage Switchgear can operate between 3kv to 36 kV and high voltage switchgear deals with voltage above 36 kV. consider switchgear of high quality since they play a big role in your electric connections. There are different companies manufacturing switchgear worldwide, let us have a quick look.

1. .E-Abel

E abel logo

E-abel is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of electrical switchgears and a good number of other electrical products. The company is located in Singapore and currently manufactures the best electrical switchgears worldwide. 

They have a dedicated team to help their clients come up with new ways to manage electrical, climate control and mechanical power more efficiently, safely, and sustainably using enclosures. They manufacture switchgear that maximizes its functionality by being easy to install and fix and allow technicians to have ease in accessing. consider getting your switchgear from e-able since they can deliver your order in any part of the world on time.

2. NewYork Engineers

newyork engineers

Newyork Engineers are located at 1460 Broadway, New York, NY 10036. It was launched in 2012 and started the India satellite office branch in 2015. The following year, 2016, they featured in Inc 500 fastest-growing American Companies List. The same year, 2016, they opened the Chicago office branch. 

The New York Engineers put more focus on delivering quality products, with affordable prices and the best designs you can choose from. At New York Engineers, they provide simple, better solutions to perplexing conditions. They help you lower construction costs by eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on the overall efficiency for most designs. New York Engineers will also guard you against fire by installing a fire alarm system that automatically calls the fire department upon sensing smoke.

3. ABB

ABB logo

ABB was launched in 1949 and its headquarter is in Zurich, Switzerland. It operates in over 100 countries and currently employs over 105000 workers. ABB deals in robotics and power and automation technology areas, including infrastructure, utilities, transport, and other industries. They also run businesses through various segments including power products, power systems, low voltage products, process automation, and discrete automation and motion.

4. Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd

Anchor electricals

Anchor Electricals Pvt Ltd was launched in 1963 and is located in its headquarter in Mumbai, India. It currently has more than 35 sales offices and over 20 locations.  Later in 2007, Anchor and Panasonic later merged giving rise to products that cater to better energy generation, management, and conservation.

With the combination of Panasonic’s great technology and Anchor’s bigger customer support network, Anchor Panasonic today delivers a great range of innovative electrical, lighting, and ventilation products that surpass global standards. Currently, the collaboration has won clients all over the world since they are focused on customer satisfaction. offering the best customer service with a welcoming voice with the aim to keep retaining its customers.

5. Havells India Ltd

havells india logo

Havells is one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of electrical equipment. It came into existence in 1958 in India and since then they are proving to be one of the trusted manufacturers globally. They are currently operating in over 50 countries with over 40 branch offices. That is not enough about Havells yet, they also operate 13 manufacturing plants and with over 10000 Strong Dealer Network.

Havells has won many hearts by surpassing their customers’ expectations. They have a committed team guided by one vision of being a globally recognized corporation for excellence, and fairness to each partner including the community and environment they operate in.

6. Orecco Electric

Recco logo

Orecco Electric is a China-based company that deals with electrical power distribution and transmission. They are holding 15 years of export experience, Orecco electric also makes all of their electrical products comply with IEC 62271 standards. This is an assurance that they provide quality products. Orecco electric serves exorbitant products at a reasonable price, this is because Orecco combines European technology and manufacturing advantages in China.

7. Eaton Corporation Inc.

eaton logo

Eaton corporation Inc is a US-based multinational power management firm. Its headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland. Eaton Corporation also has operational headquarters located in Beachwood, Ohio. With over 100 years of experience, they have proved to be the best manufacturers of electrical products. 

They are currently doing business in more than 175 countries and have employed over 8500 employees. Eaton provides products that conserve energy and help their clients to manage electrical, and mechanical power more efficiently, reliably, and sustainably. Customer satisfaction is their priority with a dedicated team focusing more to improve the quality of their services day and night.


Having read about different companies manufacturing electrical switchgear you will agree with me that New York Engineers are one of the leading manufacturers. Always consider quality first when it comes to electric products since they might cause disastrous damage. Go for accredited companies certified to manufacture electric products for better services and for your safety. After sourcing any electric product make sure it gets installed with an expert or a professional in the field. For more details contact us.

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