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Case Study – Grace’s Electrical Enclosure Customer Jean

April 19, 2024

1. Who is Jean

Jean is one of my electrical enclosure customers from French Guiana who is an electrical contractor mainly dealing with local government and factories on wastewater treatment.

Wastewater Treatment

2. Realize Jean's Situation

After communicating with Jean, I learned about his basic situation:
– He required the time control enclosures for water pumps and air pumps

– He was not familiar with the circuit design in electrical enclosures.

3. Solve Jean's Electrical Enclosure Problem

As a professional electrical enclosure supplier, E-abel has the capacity to solve his problem.
I discuss the details based on jean’s situation with our electrical engineering team.
Our electrical engineering team designed the electrical enclosure, the component layout drawing, and the wiring diagrams based on his water pump and air pump circulation control requirements.
Electrical Enclosure Drawing

After Jean got the drawing, he said “the electrical box looks great, your electrical engineering team is extremely professional.”

4. Electrical Enclosure Sample Completed

We produced the electrical enclosure and completed the components installation according to the drawing.
Electrical Enclosure
Electrical Enclosure
Once the electrical enclosure was completed, we conducted a power-on test and took a video for him to check. Jean is glad to know the sample was well-function. But he mentioned that sometimes his customers put the air pump into the bottom of the box. That means we need to modify the size.

5. Got Jean’s Order

We immediately re-designed and re-manufactured a new electrical enclosure sample according to the air pump size and Jean’s requests.
Jean received the sample and is satisfied with the electrical enclosure’s quality and function.
The result is Jean placed the mass order with the total payment.

In E-abel, we always insist that the customer first, E-abel will try our best to fulfill our customers’ ideas into reality, meet their requests, and provide them the high-quality products.

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