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Electric Vehicle Charging Box

October 17, 2022

What is A Vehicle Charger Box ?

vehicle charging box
vehicle charging box
  • Since the 21st century till now, with the development of new technology, electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular. And the number of applications for charging boxes has increased as owners choose to travel with electric vehicles. At the same time, national policies also encourage and support the development of new energy vehicles and their associated industries. According to this, E-Abel provides the perfect solution for any automotive application.

  • Car charging boxes fit the scenario location and conditions of the field. Whether indoors or outdoors, E-Abel’s charging boxes are built to withstand exposure. With industry-leading NEMA 4 protection, E-Abel’s products are waterproof and dustproof to market standards, ensuring your charge boxes stay safe, clean and dry. 

E-Abel's Electric Vehicle Charging Box

  • It Protects your outdoor charger with a large internal capacity that easily holds all your charging accessories and takes up less space in your garage. (Note: The charger case includes the breaker case and does not come with a charger or charging cable). You don’t want to expose the charging case under the sun or be damaged outdoors. E-Abel home charging station IP65 waterproof protection box keeps your charging box away from rain and snow. And the mechanical combination lock prevents others from stealing from it. It comes with a thermometer, which is the perfect charging Enclosure.

Eabel Vehicle Charger Box
Eabel Vehicle Charger Box

Features and Advantages

Eabel Vehicle Charger sturdy
  • 1. Sturdy box – stainless steel shell prevents falling objects from damaging the charger inside, tempered glass displays the charging status clearly, and a hollowed-out bottom to ensure that wires can pass through walls or under the box for outdoor use.
  • 2. IP65 waterproof, made of stainless steel and cold-rolled steel plate, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, can be used outdoors, resists all kinds of rain, snow, storms, and dust, and prevent water intrusion.
  • 3. Good ventilation – reasonable space layout, reserved charger mounting holes and charging head bracket, and is perfectly compatible with the waterproof cooling design. The built-in thermometer displays real-time temperature when the car is charging and monitors the environment inside the box to prevent damage to the power cord and charger. Ventilation holes on the bottom and sides protect the charger from high temperatures.
temperature monitor
  • 4. Full coverage – Total sealed, waterproof, and dustproof car charging box keeps your garage tidy. Chargers and power cords are neatly stored inside and ready for charging. 
full coverage
full coverage
  • 5. Anti-theft – optional convenient lock (mechanical combination lock, fingerprint combination lock, electronic combination lock) to ensure the safety of the charger and power cords inside. No keys are needed, simply open it when charging. The combination lock and thermometer have anti-theft locks to ensure that the charging box is only for you. 
Anti Theft
  • When working with you, E-Abel will first assess the application scenario and the load configuration of the charging where their electric vehicles were located to design the initial site plan. The plan outlines the location of the charging box and the required electrical equipment. In addition, we provided charging box strategy recommendations to help you choose the right equipment from the beginning. Because E-Abel supports customization, faster delivery, better costs, and more attentive service, customers choose E-Abel by trust, and E-Abel reciprocates with good products and attentive service.

  • E-abel, as leading electric box manufacturer, We welcome bulk non-standard customization needs, and E-Abel will try our best to meet your high standards.
  • We are flexible, practiced and remarkable.

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