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E-abel’s Standard AE Electrical Box

1.The Development of Electrical Box

Since the 20th century, with the development of the industrial revolution with electric power as the core of the second industrial revolution, the electrical age has completely changed the world. As a professional electrical box to protect our electrical equipment and engineering personnel’s operation safety, the electrical box is widely used in industrial, agricultural, commercial, residential, new energy, and other electrical fields.

2.The Features of Standard AE Electrical Box

Standardizing AE electric boxes provides more convenient installation, faster delivery time, and more flexible use in the field of power engineering. This includes the standardization of dimensions, the thickness of plates, and the production process. The bell mouth design, complete sealing process, PU foam, seamless corner, mounting plate, and so on are the same process and quality as famous German electrical box brands. Its waterproof grade and dust-proof grade reach IP65, so it provides a safety guarantee for indoor and outdoor projects. Many electrical fields favor the standard AE electrical box.

AE Electrical Box 1
AE Electrical Box 3
AE Electrical Box 2
AE Electrical Box 4

3.The Advantages of Standard AE Electrical Box

For other electrical box specifications, multiple standardized sizes are more likely to meet the individual needs of different customers in different application scenarios. The standard thickness of the sheet metal is provided according to the different heights of the boxes. This professional configuration of standard AE electrical boxes can achieve the highest cost performance with the best design scheme. At the same time, the products have passed the NEMA, IP, CE, and UL. These advantages make the standardized AE box popular worldwide.

AE Electrical Box 5

4.The Future of AE Electrical Box

The standardized production of AE electrical boxes brings about the standardization of quality, and the standardization of quality guarantees the stability of the project. Therefore, the standardized and universal AE electrical box is the trend in the electrical industry and will occupy a higher market share in the future.


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