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E-abel Flat Packed Floor Standing Enclosure

E-abel is one of the largest enclosure manufacturers in South China, with more than 15 years of experience. 

We apply an intelligent automated workshop to meet customers’ demands for a shorter delivery time. 

E-abel is committed to maintaining the leading position in this market, striving to be the industrial standard, and offering quality NEMA/IP rating enclosures at great prices.

What is the PS series floor standing cabinet

E-abel PS series floor standing cabinet is widely used in various industrial and civil fields, such as electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, transportation, etc… It is usually assembled to build a control panel for monitoring, controlling, and protecting the power system to ensure the safe, stable and reliable operation of the power system.

PS series floor standing cabinet can achieve a variety of functions, such as automatically opening and closing doors, adjusting lights, adjusting temperature, etc… These functions can be set according to the user’s needs and preferences, thus achieving a more intelligent and convenient experience.

Customer Needs

Kurush is a contractor in India; he would like to purchase matching electrical boxes for his construction project for assembling components and lines to realize the lighting control of the building, accessible from external physical damage and environmental impacts, such as preventing dust, moisture, corrosion, etc. on the components and lines of the infringement, but also to be able to the internal members and personnel, reduce the risk of electric shock, improve personal safety. In addition, it also needs to be able to fire retardant corrosion resistance, extend the service life of the distribution box, and improve safety and reliability.

In addition, the design and manufacture of the enclosure need to consider the size, weight, number of components, and other factors, as well as environmental temperature, humidity, corrosion, and other factors to ensure easy wiring and assembly. At the same time, our customers attach importance to the convenience of transportation and cost-effectiveness; we must try to compress the packaging volume to reduce the cost of transportation.


Our PS cabinet has several advantages:

It has high convenience and flexibility; the front and rear doors, side panels, and base can be removed, making it convenient for users to perform maintenance and replace internal components. In addition, our PS cabinets can be combined into parallel cabinets by connecting parts to meet the different needs of users.

The PS cabinet frame has good load-bearing performance, which can ensure the stability and safety of equipment and components.

Using the powder coating process, with the characteristics of anti-UV and anti-cracking, can effectively protect the equipment and extend the service life.

With solid structure, good load-bearing performance, and easy maintenance, the E-abel PS cabinet is a great choice. The flat-packed type PS cabinets are highly cost-effective in transportation, making them the best choice for high-volume purchases and long-distance transport.

floor standing enclosure

How to consider and provide the optimal solution for customers

The cabinet the customer needs is a standard size of 2000H*1000W*600Dmm; considering the width of 1000mm, we recommend a double-door design to achieve better waterproof and dustproof effect.

At the same time, considering that the customer needs to compress the packing volume as much as possible to achieve the requirement of improving the cost-effectiveness of transportation, we recommend the detachable PS cabinet; each accessory is individually packaged and labeled to differentiate between them and provide assembly manuals and videos for the customer to assemble and test in the local area.

Customer Feedback

floor standing enclosure customer feedback

One month later, the customer received the enclosures, and the packaging and products were very satisfactory, which laid a good foundation for the next cooperation.

Grace Jiang

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