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E-abel ES floor standing cabinet

What is the ES cabinet

E-Abel ES series floor standing cabinets are widely used in various industrial and civil fields, such as electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, transportation, energy storage system, etc. They are usually assembled into control cabinets to monitor, control and protect the electric power system. They are typically assembled into control cabinets for monitoring, controlling, and protecting the power system to ensure its safe, stable, and reliable operation.

Customer Needs

James is a battery supplier in Florida; he wants to purchase a floor-standing cabinet for his batteries.

Used to protect the battery cabinet inside the battery pack outside from external physical damage and environmental impacts, such as preventing dust, moisture, corrosion, etc., on the battery pack, but also be able to isolate the battery pack and personnel, reduce the risk of electrocution, improve personal safety. In addition, it also needs to be able to fire retardant and corrosion resistance, extend the battery pack’s service life, and enhance its safety and reliability. In addition, the design and manufacture of the battery cabinet enclosure need to take into account the size, weight, quantity, and other factors of the battery pack, as well as the environmental temperature, humidity, corrosivity, and other factors to ensure that the quality and performance of the battery cabinet meets the requirements.


  1. ♦ Protection of electrical equipment: ES cabinets can effectively protect the internal equipment from physical damage and environmental impact, such as preventing dust, moisture, corrosion, etc., on the equipment.

  2. ♦ Prevent the risk of electric shock: ES cabinet can effectively internal equipment and personnel to prevent personnel contact with the electrified part, reduce the risk of electric shock, and improve personal safety.

  3. ♦ Fire prevention and flame retardant: ES cabinet is made of flame retardant materials, which can effectively prevent the spread of fire and reduce the risk of fire to equipment and personnel.

  4. ♦ Good corrosion resistance: ES cabinet is made of corrosion-resistant materials, which can resist the erosion of acid, alkali, chemical substances, and so on and prolong the service life of the equipment.

  5. ♦ Beautiful and neat: ES cabinets are beautifully designed and neat in appearance, which can enhance the aesthetics of the equipment and make the whole electrical system look more professional and organized.

  6. ♦ Good load-bearing performance

How to consider and provide the optimal solution for customers

Under the premise of meeting the size, weight, and quantity of the battery pack, as well as the ambient temperature, humidity, and corrosiveness, we have optimized the load-bearing performance of the ES cabinet. As the weight of each battery module he used is nearly 300kg, the cabinet must have a stable and solid structure and the highest possible load-bearing performance of the laminate. After the production was completed, the engineers conducted a load-bearing test on the cabinet and passed it successfully.

ES floor standing cabinet

Customer Feedback

Two months later, the customer received the goods, and the packaging and products were very satisfactory, for the following cooperation has laid a good foundation.

ES floor standing cabinet Customer Reviews
Grace Jiang

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