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Junction boxes for canning factories

This junction box is mainly used on canning equipment to protect the power supply of the equipment. Since the application environment of the terminal box is very humid and exposed to disinfectant for a long time, the customer has very high requirements for the insulation protection level of the box.

Junction boxes 3

Brief Introduction of Client

Customers find our company on our website. He used plastic connection boxes before, but because the plastic shell has been exposed to 150°F hot water and disinfectant for a long time, the screws are rusted, and the plastic box is cracked from the screws, resulting in water leakage. So the customer came to us looking for a stainless steel box as an alternative.

Personalized customization to meet customer needs

Since the design of the first standard sample and PU foam could not meet the customer’s high waterproof level requirements, we worked with the customer to find a more suitable plan for the application scenario.

The first factor that needs to be upgraded is the structure of the door panel. Our standard junction box is fixed with screws and sealed with PU foam. Considering that the customer’s box is set upside down, the holes made by the screws will allow water to seep into the box. At the same time, the PU foam will always be soaked in water so that it will absorb the water.

After learning about the problems during the application, the engineer and the customer conducted several in-depth communications for a month, with more than 60 round-trip emails. During this period, the customer also provided many drawings and technical specifications for us to refer to. In the end, we confirmed two solutions. One is to replace the PU foam with a non-absorbent sealing strip. The second one is adopting the customer’s door panel design. Such a door panel design avoids holes and water accumulation and is more suitable for the customer’s use. They finally completed the second-generation sample.

Junction boxes 1

Carry out the waterproof test according to the customer's requirements.

To ensure the waterproof performance of the sample, we confirmed the testing method with the customer in advance. The quality inspection department referred to the waterproof test file and tested the model. Finally, the connecting box passed the waterproof test. At the same time, the test video was shared with customers and got affirmation from customers.

Junction boxes waterproof test
Junction boxes waterproof test

New needs and cooperation

When the second sample was about to be shipped, the customer asked for a new design version, removing the door panel, directly sealing the box’s opening with the equipment, and providing a drawing as a reference. After confirming the plan’s feasibility with the engineer, I arrange the production immediately. At the same time, we also found that there may be a demand for carbon steel junction boxes on the customer’s official website. After recommending them to customers, customers are also very willing to try new boxes.

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