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Customized Power Distribution Cabinet

October 17, 2022

What is Customized power distribution cabinet ?

nonnon standard distribution cabinet standard distribution cabinet 1
Customized distribution cabinet
  • Customized power distribution boxes/cabinets are different from the general international standard products. They refer to the products designed exclusively for certain buyers.
  • The customized products are generally designed to adapt to the buyer’s local application scenario and space (e.g. to meet the industrial heat pump cabinet design of a well-known company in Lithuania), usage habits and style or to apply the special standards of certain projects (e.g. to meet the power distribution requirements of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project).

Customization of Distribution Cabinets

  • Regarding the customization products, we generally need customers to provide the following key information to Yibao in order for E-Abel o to better understand your products, clarify your needs, make professional suggestions, and consider and give you a more accurate price.
customized non standard distruibution cabinet
Customized distribution cabinet

How E-Abel Do It

  • The final application scenario, which involves the following information:
  • 1) IK grade: we need to know the thickness and structure of the product, especially the internal structure, it would be better if the customer has drawings for reference, if not, we are happy to design for you). 
  • 2) Nema grade: which involves the corrosion protection grade (Epro can reach NEMA4x), you need to confirm the material, Epro can provide cold plate, galvanized plate, stainless steel and other high quality metal materials. As well as the requirements of the surface treatment, such as coating thickness, spray outdoor powder or indoor powder, Epro can provide UL certification of DuPont powder, and spray powder thickness up to 100-120 microns. 
  • 3) Waterproof and dustproof (IP) grade: which involves the product process, structure and openings and other requirements.

After confirming the key information such as above, E-Abel will check the price for you, the higher the grade, the higher the price. Yibao will try its best to provide a plan with the best cost performance and the most reasonable price within the customer’s budget.

customized non standard distruibution cabinet
Customized distribution cabinet
  • Generally a 3 drawing will take 2-4 days. And for long-term stable cooperation with customers, Yibao is happy to provide free technical support, even if the design fee is charged, it will be used to offset the official order.
  • In general, the price of non-standard customized samples will be 30%-40% higher than the bulk price (bulk) after sample production and then accounting. This is because non-standard products are different from the general standard products of E-Abel, E-Abel needs to confirm everything as much as possible at the sample stage to reduce the time cost of the subsequent bulk, such as the confirmation of product appearance, IK, IP testing quality confirmation, etc.
  • And the process cost of customized products, as well as the labor cost to be spent are unknown. After the samples are produced, all the costs will be clear and accurate, and the cost of the big goods will be determined according to the number of official orders.

And about the production period of sample (usually about 15 working days after confirming the drawing) and the production period of big goods (usually 4-5 weeks after confirming the drawing), the packaging method of big goods (such as carton, wooden frame, wooden box, whether to logo), the transportation method and so on are determined, which can be confirmed with customers by email or video conference, and Yibao will also update the production progress of products to customers in real time.

customized non standard distruibution cabinet back
Customized distibution cabinet back
  • E-Abel, as a leading electric box manufacturer, welcome bulk customized customization needs, and E-Abel will try our best to meet your high standards.
  • We are flexible, practiced, and remarkable.

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