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Case Study – Main Distribution Panel

1.What is Main Distribution Panel (MDP)

Main Distribution Panel (MDP) is a Three-phase enclosure with a complete set of components inside, widely used in the factory and automation field.

2.The Current Situation of MDP

This main distribution panel user is from Middle America, and the market has needed MDP at recent six months. After Covid-19, the local brand manufacturer prices kept going high, also production time was much longer than before. The users who are engineers and technicians will choose to work with China’s reliable & practical main distribution panel supplier, with good support in technology and production. And this MDP has been used for 15 years and needs to be changed.

Main Distribution Panel 1
Main Distribution Panel 2

3.The Improvement of MDP

The designer and engineer have tried to improve the local main distribution panel, which has been used for a long time, to improve its frame and operation logic. Now a new customized Siemens PLC solution E-Abel main distribution panel comes out this moment.

Main Distribution Panel 3
Main Distribution Panel 4

The main distribution panel uses a stable power cabinet structure, and the interior is connected with a solid copper busbar structure for 9 Siemens main components. This design is close to the original MDP,  which solves the problem that local users find it challenging to source the same type of spare parts or replacement parts well.

Main Distribution Panel 5
Main Distribution Panel 6
Main Distribution Panel 7

4.The Comment From the Customer

Furthermore, the structure is more straightforward, and the new MDP looks more gorgeous, which has won the market’s excellent feedback.

Customer Comment

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