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Electrical Console for Controlling Machine Tools and Chainsaws

June 7, 2023

This control console is mainly used to control machine tools and chainsaws. Through our electrical cabinet and wiring design, customers can realize the following functions: chamfer adjustment, height adjustment, machine tool movement back and forth, and electro-magnetization.

Electrical Control Console 1

Brief Introduction of Client

Luke is a project contractor in Australia, and he found us through our website in December 2022. His project required ten consoles to arrive at the site around the end of March 2023. At first, the customer only wanted to buy empty control consoles from us. However, Luke found that we could also install the electrical components from the pictures of the boxes I sent him before; he immediately shared his drawings with me and asked our engineers to confirm whether we could provide a complete scheme. After seeing the pictures, the engineer quickly confirmed the feasibility and agreed with the customer to provide a complete set of solutions.

Efficient Team Delivers the Electrical Console On Time

The delivery period was very tight as we provided enclosure fabrication, wiring, installation, and commissioning. What’s more, there is a long holiday for the Chinese New Year.

To ensure we could deliver the electrical console on time, engineers actively organized the significant questions that needed to be confirmed before the holiday and discussed them with Luke and David. With the technical team’s and client’s excellent cooperation, we clarified most issues before the holiday and arranged production immediately after we finished the holiday. Although there were some twists and turns during the production, we successfully delivered all the goods to the site in early April.

Electrical Control Console Package

Provide Safe and Cost-effective Technical Solutions for Clients

In the preliminary design process, considering that the customer wanted to use safety relays to increase the safety of the operating console, the engineer constantly confirmed the details and updated the drawings, and finally provided the customer with a reliable and cost-effective solution. To ensure that the complete system can work smoothly in the local area, we confirmed all the details with the customer, including the parameters of the inverter, the circuit diagram, the function of each button, and the color of the local wires in Australia. Before delivery, we recorded the console’s debugging video, shared it with the customer, and arranged packaging and transportation only after getting the customer’s affirmation.

Electrical Control Console 2
Electrical Control Console 3

Transportation and Commissioning

During the transportation period, I actively shared with Luke the transportation route and necessary transit time so that the customer could know where his consoles were in real time. In order to facilitate customs clearance for customers, I cooperated with Kevin to quickly submit the materials required for customs clearance and assist customers in customs clearance and receipt of goods as soon as possible.

After the control consoles arrived at the customer site, we remotely assisted Luke in completing the commissioning. Everything went very smoothly. Luke is also very satisfied with this cooperation.

Electrical Control Console Customer Reviews 1
Electrical Control Console Customer Reviews 2
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