Case Study-Eabel Load Center

July 4, 2023

What is the load center

The load center is a standard electrical distribution equipment used primarily in residential and commercial buildings in the United States and Canada. It is also known as an electrical panel or breaker box. It is usually installed in residential or commercial buildings to control and distribute electrical power. A load center usually consists of a metal box and a series of switches, fuses, circuit breakers, etc., through which the flow and distribution of electricity can be controlled.

Customer needs

Chen, a contractor in the construction industry in Las Vegas, came to us when the U.S. market was experiencing a massive shortage of the load center, with a lead time of more than six months from the Mexican factory. Many of his residential projects were about to start, and the shortage of load centers was holding up the projects, so he turned his attention to China.

At this time, there was little research and production of the load center in China’s distribution box industry. To solve his urgent need, we studied the samples he sent while learning from various materials. It took half a year to improve to the third version of the samples, which met his demand in appearance and function. After checking the photos and video, we will express the sample to their team for final confirmation.

custom load center solution 1

Advantages of the load center

  • Modular Design: The load center adopts a modular design, which can add or remove circuit protectors as needed, is very flexible, and can adapt to different power needs.

  • High Safety: The load center has high safety performance and can effectively protect the circuit and equipment from overload, short circuits and leakage, and other faults.

  • Easy Maintenance: Load centers are elementary and can be maintained and repaired by simple operations such as replacing circuit protectors.

  • Space-Saving: The load center is relatively small, can save space, and is suitable for various building places.

  • Easy to Install: Load centers are relatively simple to install. You only need to follow some basic safety norms.

To sum up, a Load Center has the advantages of modular design, high security, easy maintenance, space-saving, and easy installation, which is an efficient and safe power distribution equipment.

How to consider and provide the best solution for customers

When we saw the sample of the load center sent by the customer, we realized that the enclosure and the base of the switch involved many molds. It was not realistic and cost-effective to customize the mold on a large scale at the sample stage, so we suggested the customer take the traditional bending and laser cutting process instead of the mold pressing process to make the sheet metal enclosure for the time being, which could keep the appearance roughly consistent and reduce a lot of initial investment. The base will directly affect the use of the load center, which will have to customize the plastic mold, so after the confirmation of the enclosure, we began to design and customize the base and finally confirmed the sample by the engineer and the customer. Next, we decided to follow up according to the customer’s requirements to determine whether to customize the mold to make the enclosure with the pressing process in mass production.

custom load center solution 2


The customer received the panel and was very satisfied with the team’s inspection. They plan to promote it in the local market and actively communicate to obtain approval from the local power company.

custom load center solution customer reviews
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