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Case Study E-abel PS Series: Premium Quality Floor Standing Cabinets for Versatile Applications

April 19, 2024

As one of South China’s leading enclosure manufacturers, E-abel has over 15 years of experience providing quality enclosures. We leverage advanced automated workshops to meet customer demands for prompt delivery. Committed to establishing ourselves as an industry standard, we offer top-tier NEMA/IP-rated enclosures at competitive prices.

Understanding the E-abel PS Series Floor Standing Cabinet

The E-abel PS series floor standing cabinet is a versatile solution used across various industrial and civil sectors, including electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, construction, and transportation. Assembled to create a control panel, this floor-standing cabinet monitors, controls, and safeguards power systems ensuring their safe, stable, and reliable operation.

The PS series floor standing cabinet can be customized to include automated features, such as self-opening and closing doors, light adjustment, and temperature regulation. These features are designed based on the user’s requirements and preferences, facilitating a more intelligent and user-friendly experience.

Floor Standing Cabinet

Meeting Specific Customer Needs with Our Floor Standing Cabinet

Let’s take a case study of Roslee, a contractor from Malaysia providing products and solutions across various industries. When the purchasing manager asked for a quotation, he required five floor standing cabinets with dimensions of 2500Hx800Wx800Dmm, a single door at the front and double doors at the rear, and glass windows with 2200x470mm at the front door. This allows the customer to observe the operation of the components inside the cabinet at all times, and the front and rear doors can be opened simultaneously for assembly or maintenance.

Why Choose E-abel PS Series Floor Standing Cabinets?

Our PS series cabinets offer numerous advantages. These cabinets are highly convenient and flexible – the front and rear doors, side panels, and base can be removed to maintain or replace internal components. Besides, PS cabinets can be combined into parallel cabinets to accommodate diverse user needs.

The solid structure of the PS cabinet ensures the stability and safety of equipment and components. Our powder coating process enhances its durability by offering UV and crack resistance, thus effectively protecting the equipment and extending its service life.

Floor Standing Cabinet detail 2
Floor Standing Cabinet detail 1

Providing Optimal Solutions for Our Customers

When working with clients, we carefully consider their requirements and suggest practical solutions. For example, we recommended substituting the large glass viewable window with acrylic to reduce the risk of damage during transportation. We documented each production stage to keep the client updated, from initial panel cutting and bending to final painting, assembly, and quality inspection.

We arranged a video conference to perform a final check of the cabinets and confirm all details before packaging. Considering the customized larger size, we used wooden box packaging to safeguard the cabinet during shipping.

Floor Standing Cabinet Product packaging

This approach to customer satisfaction led to successful delivery, with the customer expressing satisfaction with the packaging and cabinets, thereby setting the stage for future collaborations.

Floor standing cabinet customer evaluation

Our PS series floor standing cabinet is a testament to E-abel’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With its robust structure, excellent load-bearing performance, and ease of maintenance, the E-abel PS cabinet is a perfect choice for your industrial needs.

Floor standing cabinet customer group photo 1
Floor standing cabinet customer group photo 2

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